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Enhancing Synergies: InvestaX Parent Company Acquisition of IX Swap

We are thrilled to announce that the parent company of InvestaX, has recently acquired IX Swap, a Bahamas licensed, and the world’s first automated market maker and liquidity solution provider for security token exchanges.

IX Swap—first ever licensed AMM and Liquidity Solution for Security Tokens

IX Swap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that utilizes automated-market makers (AMMs), as well as, liquidity pools to ensure true liquidity for security tokens and tokenized securities. In traditional finance (TradFi), order books were originally used to leverage buy and sell orders, as well as match prices. With the advent of DeFi technology, AMMs eliminate the need for such, and with IX Swap’s decentralized exchange (DEX) for security tokens, your tokenized securities can now be traded 24/7, globally. 

We started with InvestaX, the leading Singapore-licensed Tokenization Software-as-a-service solution that enables the issuance, trading, and custody of security tokens for private market assets. However, the industry has a liquidity problem that wasn’t being addressed until IX Swap was conceived which is the world's first automated market maker that provides liquidity solutions to tokenized securities/security tokens. IX Swap allows any investor holding a security token to start their first liquidity pool, legally and compliantly—at a very low cost, solving the biggest problem in the industry. 

We believe IX Swap is the killer application for the security token industry globally.

Your One-Stop Shop for Tokenization

With the addition of IX Swap to our group, we are expanding our capabilities, strengthening our market presence, and enhancing our offerings to better serve our valued customers like never before.

Here's what the acquisition means for you:

Together our platforms help all investment firms become web3 compatible, and provide key infrastructure connecting traditional finance with decentralized finance, which we believe is the biggest opportunity the capital markets has ever seen.

“Liquidity has been the biggest challenge and one of the main focal points for the security token industry. IX Swap has been able to get regulatory support from The Bahamas SCB. We're excited to bring the services and the platforms together and truly provide a one-stop shop for issuing, trading, customizing, and creating liquidity pools for any asset-backed token from all over the world.”  Said InvestaX CEO, Julian Kwan. 

In April of this year, IX Swap was granted the Bahamas Digital Assets Registered Exchanges (DARE) license. Commenting on the milestone achievement, IX Swap’s co-founder Aaron Ong said: 

Private market assets such as real estate, startups, and high-growth companies were only available to high-net-worth or sophisticated users, in the traditional world of finance. With IX Swap, alongside InvestaX, we are turning that vision into a reality. We are connecting traditional finance and decentralized finance in new ways, creating this synergy that the world has never seen before. Through tokenization and fractionalization of traditionally large ticket investments, we are breaking down entry barriers to private market assets for retail users, both big and small.”

This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for InvestaX and opens up new avenues of growth and opportunities. Transitioning your company onto blockchain has never been easier. Start your web3 journey, today.





IX Swap