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IX Swap Partners with Atlas One

Atlas One is a Canadian-based securities company that raises financing for private companies through digital securities and provides investors with greater access to private market opportunities utilizing blockchain technology.

Atlas One’s Research, which is being integrated with IX Swap, provides leading digital securities market data through their Research Terminal, which can be found at

Why is Atlas One working with IX Swap?

Decentralized trading has been on the rise over the past year, but the exchanges have yet to adapt to the digital securities market. IX Swap provides issuers and investors with a secure way to trade their digital securities in a decentralized fashion, and Atlas One sees the IX Swap platform as the trading infrastructure of the future.

Benefits of the Partnership

By integrating with IX Swap, Atlas One can gather important market data and provide investors with valuable market insights. This two-way integration will bring transparency to the market and build the research side of the digital securities ecosystem.

For more information about Altas One, please visit: