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$IXS is now Listed on Noahswap's Asset Minting Platform

We're excited to announce the listing of $IXS into Noahswap's Asset Minting feature, opening doors to a new realm of opportunities for Synthetic NUSD Minting. This collaboration between Noahswap and $IXS signifies a promising leap forward, extending accessibility and fostering potential growth for both communities.

But what does this collaboration mean? Let's break it down:

Noahswap's Asset Minting feature serves as a gateway for users to choose a listed asset, pair it with USDT, and mint NUSD, the platform’s native token. The essence of this integration is the potential to receive more than the value of the committed asset in NUSD. This is a significant leap toward expanding avenues for asset utilization and enhancing liquidity.

Before using Noahswap’s Asset Minting, here's what you should consider:

  1. Noahswap is a DeFi platform that is recommended for users who are already familiar with DeFi. 
  2. Noahswap Asset Minting will yield NUSD which is a Synthetic Asset. Although NUSD is held 1:1 with the value of USDT, it will first have to be converted to $NOAH and then swapped to USDT if the user chooses to cash out in USDT.
  3. You will not immediately receive your entitled NUSD. The longer the release schedule you select, the more NUSD you will be entitled to.
  4. The minimum amount of assets required to use Noahswap Asset Minting is 10 USDT worth of $IXS along with 10 USDT.
  5. Your $IXS and USDT will both need to be in the same wallet on the BNB Chain network.
  6. Noahswap Asset Minting is not a staking platform. You will not be entitled to your principal $IXS and USDT after minting.
  7. Users are urged to conduct thorough research, comprehend Noahswap’s operations, and understand the associated risks before engaging in transactions.

DISCLAIMER: Noahswap Asset Minting and NUSD are assets and services provided by Noahswap and aren't controlled by IX Swap. As such, IX Swap doesn't offer support for the Noahswap platform. Your use and/or purchase of Noahswap Asset Minting and NUSD are at your own risk. This collaboration shouldn't be taken as investment advice. Users must conduct thorough research and understand risks before engaging in transactions.

Additionally, new $IXS holders are encouraged to explore IX Swap's diverse applications, including DEX and launchpad features. Understanding these functionalities unlocks the full potential of holding $IXS, fostering engagement and informed decision-making within the IX Swap community.

Assets Minting with $IXS:

  1. Access the $IXS Asset Minting interface and link your wallet.

  1. After connecting your wallet, specify the quantity of $IXS you intend to commit to Noahswap. The system will automatically calculate the equivalent value in USDT based on your $IXS input. Note that the Minimum Minting Amount adjusts dynamically, reflecting changes in the $IXS token price.

  1. Choose your preferred Release Cycle, ranging from two months to one year. Longer cycles yield higher entitlements of NUSD. The NUSD Synthetic Total balance updates based on your chosen Release Cycle.

  1. Authorize spending for both $IXS and $USDT through the Noahswap contract before proceeding with the minting process. These approvals involve transactions and incur gas fees. Noahswap's interface will prompt reasonable approval limits for both assets, avoiding unlimited approvals.

  1. Do not close your browser until the token approval transactions are finalized. Once confirmed, proceed to execute the transaction, minting your new asset that generates yields in NUSD.

Noahswap’s Asset Minting service introduces a new dimension to the DeFi landscape, set to revitalize the prolonged bear market. This collaboration between IX Swap and Noahswap heralds an exciting phase for DeFi advancements.