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IXS Meme Competition 2024

To commemorate the overwhelming support that IX Swap has been receiving, we’re hosting our IXS Meme Competition. Showcase your creativity, wit, and humor, for a chance to win our top prizes!


Top 1: 300 IXS

Top 2: 150 IXS

Top 3: 50 IXS


April 23 - 30


Contestants must be KYC-approved. If you’ve already done with KYC go ahead and input the wallet you used to KYC previously.


  1. Once you’ve completed and claimed the ‘Proof of KYC’ quest, it’s time to start cracking those memes.
  2. Next, submit your memes in the ‘Show Us Your Memes’ quest. This is a daily occurring quest and you will only have 5 chances to upload your memes. So make them count.
  3. Once our lovely community managers have approved at least one of your memes, you will be granted the “Memelord” Discord role
  4. Submit your approved meme in the #meme channel
  5. Contestants with the most “😂” reacts win our top prizes


  1. Memes must be related to IX Swap and need to make sense. Any memes that do not fall under these conditions will get rejected.
  2. Contestants will only be given 5 chances to upload their funniest memes. Make. Them. Count.
  3. Memes aren't limited to photos only! We encourage you to use your creativity to its fullest and get us riled up!
  4. BE NICE to our lovely community managers. It stands to mention that they will be approving your submissions.

To join head on over to the IXS Zealy questboard and look for the IXS Meme Competition module. Our top 3 winners will get the chance to get their memes posted on our socials and tagged! Our meme competition will only last a week so make sure you get those creative juices flowing!