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Unlocking the Doors to a World of New Investment Opportunities

Drive the Next Generation of Financial Instruments Through Tokenization
Our mission: Use blockchain technology to build infrastructure and liquidity solutions for security tokens, ultimately creating worldwide access to private market assets.
IX Swap is the pioneering DeFi platform that enables trading of security tokens through licenced custodians and broker-dealers.
Why was IX Swap founded?
At IX Swap, our goal is to democratize access to private market investments and address the illiquidity challenges facing the tokenization industry. By utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology such as Automated Market Making (AMM), liquidity pools, DeFi, and DEX, we aim to level the playing field for investors and open up a wider range of investment opportunities for all to participate in.
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Who is building IX Swap?
The team at IX Swap is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, with over 15 successful companies and deep knowledge in both capital markets and blockchain technology. Comprising almost 30 individuals with expertise in blockchain engineering, economics, legal compliance, marketing and capital markets, our team has been working tirelessly to develop and launch the IX Swap platform, which became available to users in April 2022.
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