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Real World Asset (RWA) Tokenization Launchpad and DEX
Invest and Trade Real World Asset Tokens (RWA) of Startups and For All Investors
Invest In Your First Deal For As Low As $1
With our IX Swap Launchpad, we’re changing the way you can invest in these private markets. By removing the high-entry cost, we’ve essentially democratized access to these private assets, allowing you, our everyday investor to participate in your first real-world asset (RWA) token.
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Your Guide To Buying Your First RWA Token
Investing in a RWA Token
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Connecting All Investors to New Horizons: Our variety of products open up unique investment opportunities.
Enabling regulatory compliant DeFi through licensed intermediaries
Secure: Licenced
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Through real-world asset (RWA) tokens and tokenization, IX Swap is delivering you the opportunity to invest in private market assets.
Private Equity
Dive into the world of private equity and gain access to investment opportunities in unlisted companies, including early-stage startups and high-growth businesses.
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Real Estate
Access high-potential investments with tokenization. Invest in exclusive real estate opportunities with potentially as little as $1, allowing for fractional ownership. Explore a diverse range of options, including private equity real estate, direct ownership, real estate debt funds, and more.
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Join the movement of forward-thinking investors and invest in the backbone of our society: infrastructure. From utility providers, transportation networks, social services, energy production, to airports and more.
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Natural Resources
Explore opportunities to invest in the companies that are at the forefront of natural resource production. Resources such as oil and gas, metals and minerals, timber, water, renewable energy and more.
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Private Debt
Explore the potential returns of investing in private debt by lending to private companies and earning interest on your investment. Dive into a variety of options including high-yield debt, direct lending, senior debt, mezzanine debt, and more.
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Other Tangible and Intangible Assets
Unlock the potential to trade in assets that were previously off-limits, including real estate, equipment, vehicles, intellectual property rights, and copyrights, among others.
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IXS Token
IXS is the native currency for the IX Swap Ecosystem and stands at the core of our products. Growth of our products and services equals growth of our token.
IX Swap Features
Security Token & Crypto Trading
Trading of security tokens and cryptocurrencies through our security token exchange.
DeFi Liquidity Solution
Automated market maker and liquidity pools purpose built for security tokens and tokenized assets.
IXS Launchpad
Next-Gen Crowdfunding platform through security tokens and fractionalized-NFTs.
Interchain Operability
Wrapper token technology allowing for cross-chain asset trading.
Unlock Value
Earn extra income from your idle assets through our liquidity mining and staking programs.
Regulatory Compliant
Partnerships with licenced intermediaries to deal with the nuances of regulations.
Leave Public Markets Behind.
Discover the Power of Private Market Investing
Higher potential returns: Higher returns compared to public markets, particularly in the case of private equity and venture capital investments.
Diversification, Risk & Volatility: Provides diversification benefits by spreading risk across different assets and industries. Due to limited correlation with public markets you can reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility.
Access to unique investment opportunities: Investments that are not available in public markets, such as startups and real estate projects.
Active management: Provide opportunities for investors to work closely with management teams to grow the value of their investment.
Inflation protection: Investments such as private equity and real estate may offer inflation protection as they have the potential to generate returns above inflation. This is through factors like increasing operating income, appreciation of assets, and refinancing debt at higher rates with inflation.
Tax benefits: Some private market investments can provide tax benefits, such as depreciation for real estate and carried interest for private equity.
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Frequently asked questions around IX Swap
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Guide Gitbook
We understand that navigating different platforms can be a little confusing. So we've created a guide that should help you through all the processes and features on the IX Swap app.
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