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How to Buy IXS


As requested by our community members we have made a guide on how you can purchase IXS tokens.

As IXS is available on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks, we will cover the various options for obtaining these tokens. It's worth noting that if you plan to stake or add liquidity to IXS, it's best to do so on the Polygon network as the transaction fees on the Ethereum network can be quite high.

For a full list of places to buy IXS, please refer to our CoinMarketCap page.

Still need help? come by our Telegram community for help!

1. BitMart

To buy IX Swap (IXS) tokens on BitMart, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Sign Up: If you haven't already, create an account on the BitMart exchange platform. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to Register on Bitmart.
2. Deposit Funds: Deposit funds into your BitMart account. You can deposit cryptocurrency or fiat currency, depending on what BitMart supports.
3. Navigate to the Trading Page: Click "Trade" on the menu bar and select "Spot." Once your funds are deposited, you'll be directed to the spot trading page.

4. Search for $IXS: Use the search bar to find the IXS/USDT trading pair.

5. Place an Order: Decide whether you want to place a market order (executed immediately at the current market price) or a limit order (executed when the price reaches a specified level). Enter the amount of IXS you want to buy and review your order.

6. Confirm and Execute: After reviewing your order, confirm it and execute the trade.
7. HODL Your IXS: Once your order is filled, you can HODL your IXS tokens in your BitMart account or withdraw them to an external wallet if you prefer.


1. Verify Your BTSE Account

Before you can start trading on BTSE, it's essential to verify your account. This process typically involves providing necessary personal information and documents to comply with regulatory requirements.

2. Deposit Fiat Currency

Once your BTSE account is verified, you'll have the option to deposit fiat currencies. BTSE supports a wide range of major currencies, including USD, EUR, and INR. You can fund your account using credit cards or bank transfers, making it convenient for users around the world.

3. Acquire USDT

Before you can purchase IXS tokens, you'll need to have USDT (Tether) in your BTSE account. If you don't already have USDT, you can deposit it following the same fiat currency deposit process mentioned earlier. Once you have USDT in your account, you're ready to proceed.

4. Buying IXS on BTSE

Option 1: Over-the-Counter (OTC)

If you prefer an OTC (Over-the-Counter) purchase, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Buy Crypto Tab: Click on the "Buy Crypto" tab and select "OTC."

2. Choose 'Buy' or 'Sell': Select whether you want to buy or sell crypto.

3. Select Cryptocurrency: Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase and settlement currency for your quote.

4. Enter Amount: Enter the amount in either your target or settlement currency.

5.Get Buy/Sell QUote: CLick on "Get Buy/Sell Quote."

6.Review and Decide: You'll receive a quote; choose "Accept Buy/Sell" to proceed or "Reject" to explore the next quote.

Option 2: Spot Market
If you prefer trading on the spot market, follow these steps:

1. Access the Spot Market: Go to the "Trade" tab and select "Spot."

2. Search for IXS: In the search markets bar, type "IXS" to find the IXS token.

3. Choose Trading Pair: Depending on whether you have USDT or USD, select the appropriate trading pair for IXS.

4. Place a Buy Order: Once you've chosen your trading pair, you can place a buy order.

5. Enter Order Details: Input the price at which you want to buy IXS and quantity you wish to purchase.

6. Review and Confirm: Double-check all the fields to ensure accuracy.

7. Execute Buy Order: Click "Buy Order" to execute your purchase.

3. QuickSwap (Polygon Network -wIXS)

IXS on the Polygon network is referred to as WIXS. IXS and WIXS are the same token and have the same value. 1 WIXS is 1 IXS if there is a small price difference it is due to the different exchanges. Note as well that if using QuickSwap to buy WIXS, you need to use MATIC as a purchase currency.

Before going to the QuickSwap Exchange, you need to have MATIC on your wallet with that amount you wish to purchase WIXS with. Or make sure that you can swap to MATIC from another currency on QuickSwap as an additional step.

Remember that when you click on the amount of MATIC you want to use to buy WIXS, it is important to not click MAX because you will need some MATIC left in your wallet to pay for transactions on the Polygon network as this is their native token used for transaction costs.

Once you have MATIC in your wallet, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Choose Swap from “MATIC” and on the “to” section, click on “Select a token” and paste our WIXS token address: “0x1ba17c639bdaecd8dc4aac37df062d17ee43a1b8”. After WIXS has been, added click on it.
  4. Chose the amount of MATIC you want to use to purchase IXS.
  5. Swap and confirm the transaction!

If you cant see your WIXS in your wallet, you have to add the contract address manually to your wallet.

On Metamask, for example, you can scroll down on the homepage and click import tokens. You can refer to this guide ( if you need assistance or come by our Telegram channel!

WIXS Contract Address: 0x1ba17c639bdaecd8dc4aac37df062d17ee43a1b8

Note: If you already own IXS on the Ethereum Network, these can also be bridged to IXS tokens on the Polygon network (WIXS). Please refer to this guide ( to see how to conduct the bridge of your tokens.

If you want to stake or join the liquidity mining program on the Polygon network, check out these guides:

4. Uniswap (Ethereum Network - IXS)

  1. Go to Uniswap  and “launch app”.
  2. After connecting your wallet, click “Select a token”.
  1. Type in “IXS” and import from the CoinGecko selection.
  1. Or, manually enter the IXS Contract: 0x73d7c860998CA3c01Ce8c808F5577d94d545d1b4
  1. Enter the amount you want to swap, and click “swap”.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully gotten your IXS tokens on IX Swap (please ensure you have enough ETH for gas fees).

If you still need help buying IXS Tokens, come by our Telegram community for help!