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Opening the Doors to the Private Markets. For Everyone.
Access Assets, Inaccessible Before
Security tokens do not only create a new way of digitizing traditional asset portfolios, but also allow investors outside of private markets to gain exposure into previously inaccessible assets.
Examples of Assets that Can be Traded as Real-World Asset (RWA) Tokens
Private Equity
Dive into the world of private equity and gain access to investment opportunities in unlisted companies, including early-stage startups and high-growth businesses.
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Real Estate
Access high-potential investments with tokenization. Invest in exclusive real estate opportunities with as little as $1, allowing for fractional ownership. Explore a diverse range of options, including private equity real estate, direct ownership, real estate debt funds, and more.
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Join the movement of forward-thinking investors and invest in the backbone of our society: infrastructure. From utility providers, transportation networks, social services, energy production, to airports and more.
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Natural Resources
Explore opportunities to invest in the companies that are at the forefront of natural resource production. Resources such as oil and gas, metals and minerals, timber, water, renewable energy and more.
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Private Debt
Explore the potential returns of investing in private debt by lending to private companies and earning interest on your investment. Dive into a variety of options including high-yield debt, direct lending, senior debt, mezzanine debt, and more.
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Other Tangible and Intangible Assets
Unlock the potential to trade in assets that were previously off-limits, including real estate, equipment, vehicles, intellectual property rights, and copyrights, among others.
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Liquidity Pools and Automated Market Makers
In comparison to other exchanges in the security token industry, there is currently a lower level of liquidity as the market has not yet fully developed. We decided to solve this by creating a liquidity solution.
Learn more about why IX Swap’s cutting edge technology of liquidity pools and AMMs sets them at the forefront of the tokenization and security token industry.
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Why Trade Real-World Asset (RWA) Tokens?
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Diversification: Security tokens can be used to diversify an investment portfolio, into a wide range of assets, such as real estate, art, or venture capital.
Access to previously inaccessible assets: Security tokens allow investors to access assets in private markets that were previously only available to a select few.
Transparency and automation: Security tokens are built on blockchain technology, which provides a high degree of transparency and automation in the trading process.
Fractional ownership: Security tokens can represent fractional ownership of interests in real-world assets such as real estate or fine art, allowing investors to invest in fractional amounts.
24/7 Trading: Security tokens can be traded 24/7 on digital asset exchanges, providing investors with the flexibility to trade at any time.
Potential for high returns: Security tokens offer potential for high returns, as they can offer exposure to high-growth assets and companies that may not be listed on public markets.


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