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Build, educate, and empower communities to take control of their future through tokenization adoption.
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Ambassadors: Lead the Charge in Advancing the Tokenization & Security Token Awareness and Adoption

Become an IX Swap
As an Ambassador, you're passionate about all things blockchain, you have a deep understanding of what IX Swap is and its potential, and you are eager to get more involved and help us grow.

Why Become An IX Swap Ambassador

Earn Rewards
Get compensated for your hard work, like when producing content, finishing tasks, or reaching your goals.
Enjoy Bonuses
Receive extra benefits for consistently hitting goals and earn even more if you become a top performer on our ambassador leaderboards.
Strengthen Your Network
Establish your reputation by utilizing networking opportunities and gaining hands-on experience in promoting blockchain adoption.
Be Part of the IXS Crew
Get official recognition as an IX Swap member and support promotion through both virtual and in-person events.
Mentorship Opportunities
Avail the opportunity to receive guidance from industry leaders and attend exclusive events.
Free IX Swap Gear: Get your hands on a variety of complimentary IX Swap merchandise.
Who Can Be an  Ambassador
You're a true advocate for blockchain adoption and cutting-edge technology.
A cryptocurrency expert eager to explore the world of tokenization.
Driven to empower others through education.
Content Creators
You enjoy crafting content that appeals to and connects with your audience.
You're a curious learner with a crypto/blockchain background and ready to dive into the IX Swap space.

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Become An Ambassador


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Frequently asked questions around IX Swap
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Guide Gitbook
We understand that navigating different platforms can be a little confusing. So we've created a guide that should help you through all the processes and features on the IX Swap app.
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