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Next-Gen Crowdfunding Platform

Take advantage of exclusive opportunities to own equity in the next big unicorn company. Our platform offers access to tokenized investment deals, poised to bring you the returns you have been waiting for.
IXS Launchpad: Access Exclusive Investment Opportunities
STOs combine blockchain technology with the requirements of regulated securities markets to facilitate asset liquidity and finance accessibility.
STOs fall under the securities legislation like traditional IPOs, while ICOs are placed under utilities, which denote a shadier and less transparent system. Consequently, STOs provide startups with additional security as tokens must be registered and inspected by the local security and exchange commission.
With STOs, every transaction is overseen by the relevant authority and although transactions and investment processes are longer, investors feel more protected and less inclined to fall prey to scams.
Vetted Deals
Every offering is thoroughly vetted by our team so our customers can invest with confidence.
Regulatory Compliant
A regulated platform that ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.
Security Tokens
IXS Launchpad uses security tokens to launch deals which makes all transactions on the blockchain. And your equity is represented through the security tokens.
You Can Invest In:
Real Estate
Why Should We Invest in Startups and Emerging Businesses?
Traditionally, investing in startups was limited to private market participants, but we have now expanded access to include all investors.
Venture Capital returns compared to indexes from the public markets.
What makes us better.
IXS Launchpad Solution
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