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IX Swap 2021 Year in Review

Happy new year to our amazing IX Swap community, and thank you for your support!

A big thank you also goes out to the whole IX Swap team who have done an incredible job in launching our project and recently getting our testnet live.

We have a strong team composed of blockchain technologists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, hustlers, and people who make things happen, but we are bringing in more business development and marketing firepower to grow the platform and take it into the next stages of its evolution.

That being said, with the new year just getting started, we want to take a look back at the progress that IX Swap made in 2021 and highlight our key milestones and mission for 2022.

IX Swap was conceived to solve a key problem for the security tokens, tokenized stocks and fractionalized NFT markets, which is the lack of secondary liquidity.

This is the world’s first project of its kind that is built to solve a massive problem, which is creating a key infrastructure bridge between DeFi (crypto) and CeFi (STO).

Here’s a recap of what we have achieved in 2021 (and celebrate those wins) - the first “real” year for IX Swap’s development of the community and platform:

(Please note that the numbers below are accurate at the time of writing.)

  1. Atlas One Digital Securities
  2. Supra Oracles
  3. Umbrella Network
  4. Alpha Impact
  5. HKVAX
  6. Copper
  7. Likvidi
  8. First Digital
  9. Smartlands
  10. Ledgity
  11. Alliance Block
  12. Titanium Blockchain
  13. InvestaX

However, it is not all roses and good times as surviving a token launch is no mean feat and getting a token project off the ground is a brutal task.

The speed and sheer number of people and partners needed to launch the project successfully and to continue to manage and grow the community definitely needs a lot of extremely hard work.

There is no off switch, the activity is global, the clock is ticking 24/7, and it is a long shot to have a project that would please every single one in the community.

However, we understand that goes with the territory and take it in stride as it is a unique part of Web 3.0 community involvement and ownership of token economies.

(Side note: We are hard at work executing our daily goals and apologize if some in the community feel I should spend more time on social media chatting. We have chosen our balance and will continue to adjust accordingly.  Our monthly town hall meetings give every community member the opportunity to directly ask me anything they like, so we have nothing to hide and continue to offer real transparency within our community.)

While new listings don’t guarantee anything in particular because things can go either way, we all understand the purpose and the desired outcomes in doing so.

This is why we are constantly looking to balance this with the need for further listings of IXS to drive further adoption, which require investment/listing costs, market-making funds, and a genuine purpose.

Everything needs a good plan and strategy to execute it well, and that’s exactly what we are going for.

We are truly grateful and value all feedback that we receive from our community. We welcome every constructive criticism and take this as an opportunity to do better. With that said, we look forward to focusing more on growing our community in 2022, which is a top priority of the project.

In addition to our community, another important pillar of our platform is to build our issuer and investor base, as well as build more infrastructure and technology and manage everything in a legally compliant way. This is to ensure that our investors are protected, and we achieve long-term sustainable growth for IXS and IX Swap.

For the first quarter of 2022, here are our top 3 priorities:

  1. Launch of the IX Swap STO Trading Platform
  2. Launch of Fractionalized NFT Primary
  3. Launch of Fractionalized NFT Secondary Trading

While it is easy to focus solely on the token price at present, the price action would be no different from most new projects, considering that the platform hasn’t launched officially yet, and its real-use case is still around the corner. To give a sense of relativity and reality to where our project is today, it might be best to take look at the price action of many other tokens such as BTC, ETH, and other leading cryptocurrency projects just a few months after their launch and to also compare the updates (if any), mission logs and progress reports in the same time frames.

Backed by your support, you can trust that IX Swap is on the right track, building more than what we can reveal at the moment, and having macro/industry tailwind behind us as a regulated DeFi, which is going to be a reality soon to replace the wild West we have seen to date.

What are we most excited about Macro and Micro (in no specific order):

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so as an early-stage startup, we are really happy and proud of our progress to date.

However, we are far away from our end goals that get us out of bed every day, excited to keep building and driving the platform forward.

Our mission remains the same - and that is to make IX Swap a top 20 token project, and we will relentlessly pursue our mission until it gets done. Stay tuned for more updates on the project.

Julian Kwan
IX Swap Co-Founder and CEO