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Actics Medical
Meet Actics — a dynamic digital health platform that integrates wearable insoles with deep analytics capabilities to improve lives for hundreds of millions of people with acute and chronic foot or lower limb conditions as well as mobility challenges
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Actics Medical is the world's first company to develop an advanced dynamic digital health platform for foot and body movement issues, utilizing smart insoles with Artificial Muscle technology that integrate bio-sensors with personalized adjustment and alignment mechanisms. These smart insoles enable continuous monitoring, precise and advanced diagnostics of problems, identification of various risks, and therapeutic interventions for healing or prevention.

The remote diagnostics and treatment capabilities of the company's products are based on deep learning (DL) analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people suffering from acute and chronic lower limb issues.


The company pioneers the integration of foot diagnostics and treatment into the digital healthcare system, enabling the medical community to provide continuous, efficient, and remote care to a large number of patients. The digital health market is experiencing rapid growth, estimated to have a CAGR of 27.4% between 2023 and 2030.

The company's platform is poised to deliver innovative solutions to diverse and large target audiences. The initial target audience consists of hundreds of millions of diabetic patients worldwide who are at acute risk of developing Diabetic Foot Ulceration (DFU), a life-saving solution for this specific target audience.

Actics won 3 prestigious government grants and holds dual patents in advanced stage.

Currently, patients with medical needs, mainly use personally customized insoles (priced at $400-800 to payer) constructed by orthotists in cumbersome, lengthy and costly old-fashioned methods. Those products are usually fixedly structured, without monitoring capabilities, and have limited adjustability and durability span. Recently, digitization is being introduced to the field, but only with partial monitoring functions, without active intervention capabilities, that the company offers.


Investors, make a lasting impact by investing in our deep tech startup's mission to save lives and prevent diabetic foot amputations. Our patented smart insoles are backed by rigorous clinical validation and offer a game-changing solution for diabetic patients. With advanced sensor technology and real-time data analytics, healthcare professionals can detect and address foot ulcers at an early stage, significantly reducing the need for amputations. Partner with us to empower patients, transform healthcare, and create a future where diabetic foot complications are preventable. Invest in a cause that truly matters.

Use of Proceeds

We aim to commercialize our bio-mechanical product through licensing and collaborations with esteemed industry leaders by the end of 2023, paving the way for the rapid growth of our digital product line. Our focus on digital product development is a key differentiator, with the HYBRID version set to hit the market by Q2/2024

Summary of Business Model

The professional target audience of Actics Medical includes podiatrists - foot specialists, orthopedic doctors, orthotics manufacturers, and physiotherapists who are in daily contact with patients suffering from foot and ankle problems and complications.

These professionals are authorized to approve medical treatments and medical equipment coverage for patients by the funding entities: government health systems and private insurance companies.

The company has presented its products at various stages of development during professional conferences and personal presentations to numerous healthcare providers from various treatment fields. The company's products have generated significant interest among this target audience due to two important aspects: firstly, providing meaningful medical and healthcare solutions to their patients, and secondly, introducing a remote treatment system to their clinics, enabling them to reach a larger number of patients and increase their revenue.

In most countries around the world, both government-funded and private insurance systems approve and fund the majority of expenses related to medical treatments and products for diabetic patients. Insurance providers constantly evaluate new technologies and innovative products that have the potential to improve patients' conditions and, particularly, reduce the significant costs associated with this field. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on prevention in the field of diabetic foot care. In the United States, insurance companies have approved reimbursements for remote monitoring pathways (codes), devices, and treatments that contribute to this goal.

Leadership Team
Founder, CEO: Ron Machanian

13 years of experience in leading technology and innovation in the tech industry. B.Sc. in Software Eng., BGU. MBA, Wharton Business School

Co-Founder, VP Engineering: Gavriel Katz

An experienced industrial manager. Expert in development processes and production plans at high scale. B.Sc in Electrical engineering, MBA

Executive Chairman, Buisness Development: Yirmi Egert

A long-time entrepreneur and director of technology companies. Established and managed the HiTEC technology incubator in Jerusalem. B.A in Economics, MBA, Hebrew University

Medical Director: Dr. Ofer Elishoov M.D

Sr. orthopedic surgeon, Head foot and ankle service - Hadassah Medical Center Jerusalem

Chief Technology Officer: Nir Klein

Expert in IoT and software. B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and MBA, Tel Aviv University

Medical Advisor: Prof. Lew Schon M.D

Renowned foot and ankle surgeon - Mercy Medical Center, at both NYU and John Hopkins

Medical Advisor: Prof. David G. Armstrong DPM

Renowned foot and ankle. surgeon and researcher - Key opinion leader in the diabetic foot

Medical Advisor: Prof Meir Nyska M.D

Orthopedics of foot and ankle surgeon:

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