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We are the on-ramp to gain exposure to an emerging and changing Carbon Market. In exchange for carbon credits, we are providing growth capital to nature-based project partners looking to scale their operations.
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Introduction to Climate 8 Holdings Ltd

Overview of the Company and its Goals

Climate 8 Holdings Ltd. is a pioneering firm in the carbon market with a mission to generate carbon credits through nature-based solutions. The company's primary objective is to offer investors an opportunity to participate in the burgeoning carbon market, which is projected to play a significant role in global efforts to combat climate change. Climate 8 is currently spearheading the C8-Paracel Outgrower Program, an initiative aimed at acquiring and reforesting 25,000 hectares of land. This project is designed not only to generate carbon credits but also to provide a sustainable source of feedstock for a state-of-the-art greenfield pulp mill being developed by its operating partner, Paracel S.A.

Project Overview

The C8-Paracel Outgrower Program

The C8-Paracel Outgrower Program is an ambitious initiative by Climate 8 Holdings Ltd. in collaboration with Paracel S.A. The program's central aim is to acquire 25,000 hectares of land for reforestation. This reforestation project has a dual purpose: to generate carbon credits by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and to provide a sustainable source of feedstock for a pulp mill.

Financing and Land Acquisition for Reforestation

Financing for the program is primarily dedicated to acquiring land for reforestation efforts. Climate 8 is providing growth capital to the project, highlighting its commitment to nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration. By controlling the land, Climate 8 ensures the integrity of the carbon process and directly receives carbon credits.

The Role of Paracel S.A., the Operating Partner

Paracel S.A., as the operating partner, plays a pivotal role in the program. Paracel is currently developing a state-of-the-art sustainable greenfield pulp mill in Paraguay, and the reforestation efforts under the C8-Paracel Outgrower Program will serve as a sustainable source of feedstock for this pulp mill. Paracel's equity consortium includes international strategic investment-grade counterparties, local corporations, and experienced project finance investors, indicating robust support and expertise driving the project.

Potential for Carbon Credit Generation and Pulp Mill Feedstock Production

The Outgrower Program presents significant potential for both carbon credit generation and pulp mill feedstock production. Through reforestation, the program is expected to generate a significant amount of carbon credits, offering a direct pathway to participate in the emerging carbon market. Simultaneously, the growth of trees provides a sustainable source of feedstock for Paracel's pulp mill, ensuring the continuity of operations in an environmentally responsible way.

About Climate 8 Holdings Ltd

Company History and Growth

Founded with a mission to tackle climate change, Climate 8 Holdings Ltd has shown a consistent growth trajectory and commitment to its cause since its inception. The company's approach involves generating carbon credits through nature-based solutions, bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and investor interests. Over the years, the team has evaluated over 300 carbon projects globally, investing in 25 of them. This has resulted in the generation of approximately 65 million carbon credits, testifying to the company's successful operations and impact.

Strategic Positioning in the Carbon Market

Climate 8 Holdings Ltd occupies a unique position in the carbon market, offering investors an opportunity to gain exposure to an emerging and dynamic sector. The company's focus on nature-based solutions and the creation of carbon credits gives it a strategic advantage. It delivers a cost-effective and sustainable solution for carbon sequestration, costing $10 per metric tonne as opposed to $400 for technology-based solutions. In addition, by controlling the land and the carbon process, the company ensures a direct and transparent approach to generating carbon credits.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, Climate 8 Holdings Ltd sees immense potential for growth and impact. The global demand for voluntary carbon credits is expected to rise exponentially, with nature-based solutions potentially accounting for 65-85% of the total supply potential by 2030. The company's unique positioning, extensive project pipeline, and its ongoing initiatives, like the C8-Paracel Outgrower Program, indicate promising prospects for the future. The company also has a clear path to execution, with quality opportunities to invest and generate substantial carbon credits, offering an attractive proposition for investors interested in sustainable and profitable strategies.

Leadership Team

Sean Clark: Chief Marketing Officer

Sean Clark is a proven technology entrepreneur with a series of successful ventures and exits to his name. He was a co-founder of First Block Capital, Hut 8 Mining Corp (TSX: HUT) ($100M+ IPO), and First Coin Capital (sold to Galaxy Digital in 2018). Additionally, he founded, which was sold to, grossing over $300M in revenue. His extensive experience and successful track record in the technology sector are invaluable assets to Climate 8.

Marc van der Chijs: Chief Strategy Officer

Marc van der Chijs is a successful technology thought leader and entrepreneur with an impressive history of successful ventures and exits. He co-founded Tudou, which was sold to Alibaba for $5B, and was also a co-founder of First Block Capital, Hut 8 Mining Corp (TSX: HUT), and First Coin Capital. His strategic thinking and entrepreneurial prowess play a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction of Climate 8.

Walle Oppedijk van Veen: Chief Investment Officer

Walle Oppedijk van Veen brings over 15 years of experience in global carbon emissions and has a proven track record of investing in sustainable projects in emerging markets. He developed the first REDD+ project in Brazil in 2011 and co-founded the ForestEffect Fund in 2016. His extensive experience in carbon emissions and sustainable investment strategies is a significant asset to Climate 8.

Paulo Bello: Chief Executive Officer

Paulo Bello has over 25 years of experience in global commodity markets, having held senior roles with organizations like Cargill, Intersnack, and BHP before co-founding the ForestEffect Fund in 2016. His wealth of experience and understanding of global commodity markets make him a vital leader in Climate 8's quest to generate carbon credits from nature-based solutions.

Investment Structure

Capital Raising and Use of Proceeds

Climate 8 Holdings Ltd. is raising capital primarily for the C8-Paracel Outgrower Program. The raised funds will finance the acquisition of 25,000 hectares of land to generate carbon credits and pulp mill feedstock through reforestation. This initiative aligns with the company's commitment to sustainable practices and emission reductions.

Potential Returns for Investors

The potential returns for investors are tied to the emerging and rapidly growing carbon market. With a track record of generating ~65M tonnes of carbon credits from 25 projects, Climate 8 is positioned to capitalize on the increasing global demand for voluntary carbon credits. The company projects an IRR of 40% based on the current carbon price, with potential for significant price appreciation due to the limited supply of high-fidelity credits and exponential demand growth.

Moreover, Climate 8 aims to provide investors with additional returns through the sale of pulp mill feedstock, generated as part of the closed-loop ecosystem plantation serving Paracel S.A.'s sustainable greenfield pulp mill.

Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Investing in carbon markets does come with certain risks, including the potential for regulatory changes, fluctuation in carbon credit prices, and the operational risks associated with reforestation projects. However, Climate 8 employs several strategies to mitigate these risks.

  1. Diversification: The company has a diverse portfolio of projects, spreading risk across different geographical locations and types of projects.
  2. Rigorous Selection Process: Climate 8 employs a rigorous selection process for projects, ensuring control over the land, project, and carbon credits. It prioritizes projects with co-benefits and a business case beyond carbon.
  3. Due Diligence and Risk Management: The company carries out thorough due diligence on all projects, focusing on underlying project operations. Climate 8 also has a strong emphasis on risk management, partnering only with high-quality projects with world-class operators.
  4. Carbon Certification Process: Climate 8 takes full control and ownership of the carbon certification process, ensuring all projects meet the highest and most widely accepted carbon standards for nature-based solutions.

Final Thoughts: The Value Proposition of Climate 8 Holdings Ltd.

Exposure to an Emerging and Profitable Carbon Market

Investing in Climate 8 Holdings Ltd. offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the burgeoning carbon market. The company's business model is designed to generate carbon credits from nature-based solutions, a sector that is seeing explosive growth due to increasing global commitments to carbon neutrality.

Extensive Experience and Track Record in Carbon Projects

Climate 8's management team has a proven track record, having evaluated over 300 carbon projects since 2005 and generated ~65M tonnes of carbon credits. This extensive experience, along with the team's deep understanding of the carbon market dynamics, positions the company to identify and capitalize on the most promising opportunities.

High Potential Returns with the Current Demand for Voluntary Carbon Credits

The demand for voluntary carbon credits is expected to increase by a factor of 15 by 2030 and a factor of 100 by 2050. With the limited availability of high-fidelity credits and exponential market demand, there is a significant potential for price appreciation, which could lead to high returns for investors.

Sustainable Business Model and Impact on the Environment

Beyond potential financial returns, investing in Climate 8 Holdings Ltd. contributes to global efforts to mitigate climate change. The company's projects not only remove CO2 from the atmosphere but also promote reforestation and biodiversity, creating a positive environmental impact. Furthermore, the collaboration with Paracel S.A. in developing a sustainable greenfield pulp mill exemplifies the company's commitment to a sustainable and circular economy.

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