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Salzworth Global Currency Fund
The Salzworth Global Currency Fund, issued by Salzworth Asset Management, is an investment product that strategically trades G10 currencies to deliver steady, risk-adjusted returns. The fund seeks to provide mid to long-term capital appreciation with an emphasis on risk management and diversification.
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Introducing the Salzworth Global Currency Fund

The Salzworth Global Currency Fund, issued by Salzworth Asset Management Pte Ltd, is a unique investment opportunity designed to generate returns uncorrelated to conventional asset classes and broader market performance. The fund primarily trades across the G10 currencies, which constitutes the largest and most liquid financial market globally. This fund has been operating with a demonstrable track record of 100% positive yearly returns since its inception, highlighting the expertise and strategic prowess of the fund management team.

The fund's inception is backed by the rich legacy of Salzworth Asset Management, a Registered Fund Management Company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). With a foundation rooted in integrity, transparency, trust, and professionalism, Salzworth Asset Management is renowned for providing unique investment opportunities and bespoke asset management services to a select group of High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, and Financial Institutions.

Diversification and Risk Management: Core Principles of the Fund

The Salzworth Global Currency Fund operates on the pillars of diversification and stringent risk management. It adopts a diversified approach, spreading portfolio risk across multiple diverse trading drivers to limit the loss contribution from any single one of them. This strategy effectively protects the overall portfolio's downside exposure and helps avoid market spikes.

Risk management forms an integral part of the fund's operational strategy. The fund prioritizes controlling risk and losses, believing that it is key to delivering sustained and superior investment performance over the mid to long term. While the fund seeks to control risk, it is essential for investors to understand that risk cannot be entirely eliminated.

The fund also focuses on achieving low-volatility and alpha-seeking returns. Through strategic portfolio allocation and diversification across multiple trading drivers and over 20 currency pairs, the fund captures quality risk-adjusted returns, while leveraging the power of diversification to help limit volatility and capital loss.

Navigating the Currency Markets: Meet the Expert Fund Management Team

The Salzworth Global Currency Fund boasts a highly skilled team of professionals who bring together a rich blend of experience and expertise in currency trading. This team, comprising both industry veterans and dynamic young professionals, has mastered the intricacies of the global financial markets. Through their constant monitoring of global macroeconomic trends and identification of price action opportunities, they leverage their vast collective experience to successfully navigate the complex world of currency trading. This team also utilizes advanced technology and quantitative methods to bring innovative and effective strategies to the table, ensuring the fund continually offers stable capital appreciation for its investors.

Haruhito Imakoji is the Co-Founder and CEO of Salzworth. A ten-year veteran of Deutsche Bank, he also served as Executive Director of Marcuard Heritage Singapore Pte Ltd, a Swiss multi-family office. Imakoji's fluency in English, German, and Japanese, along with his extensive experience in various Asian markets, make him a versatile and effective leader.

John Peh, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Salzworth, brings over 20 years of experience in fiduciary, tax, accounting, trust, and asset management. As a trained lawyer, Peh has been instrumental in setting up and implementing his clients' structures, often adding value beyond the original mandate.

Ashli Koe is the Fund Manager of the Salzworth Global Currency Fund. With a decade of experience in the financial sector, she manages the Global Currency Fund with her FX team at Salzworth Asset Management. Prior to the Fund's setup, Koe managed a FX trading prop desk and served as the COO for a FX brokerage.

Raphael Ng is another Fund Manager of the Salzworth Global Currency Fund. Ng has been researching and developing scalable FX Algorithmic Trading strategies that match global FX liquidity pools since 2013. With his background in Technology and Finance, Ng seeks to present a robust set of algorithm trading offerings for the Salzworth Global Currency Fund.

Kin Lee and Ben Cho are Fund Managers of the AFRA Japan RE Fund. Both have extensive experience in finance, asset allocation, and real estate. Kin has a deep understanding of investor needs and objectives, while Ben has a keen expertise in the UK, Australia, and Japan's real estate markets.

This experienced and dedicated team forms the backbone of Salzworth's success, driving the company's vision to establish multi-asset class portfolios and funds that seek to achieve steady returns for investors.

A Rich Legacy: The Proven Track Record of Salzworth Asset Management

Salzworth Asset Management Pte Ltd brings decades of accumulated experience in fund management, trading, banking, and capital markets services. This expertise is embedded in the operations of the Salzworth Global Currency Fund. Throughout its existence, Salzworth Asset Management has remained committed to creating sustainable value through innovation and integrity, which is evident in the success of the funds it manages. The Salzworth Global Currency Fund is a testament to this legacy, boasting a 100% positive yearly track record since its inception. The Salzworth name is a seal of assurance for investors, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to achieving consistent and sustainable returns, regardless of market conditions.

Performance and Returns: A Track Record of Success

The Salzworth Global Currency Fund has consistently delivered impressive performance, justifying its reputation as a top-performing currency fund. This fund's performance is backed by awards such as the Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award 2021 under Innovative Industrialisation and recognition as a Top 10 Currency Trader by Barclayhedge in 2021 and 2022. Additionally, it has bagged the Insights & Mandate’s ASEAN Alternative Manager of the Year 2022 award. This track record of success is indicative of the fund's ability to deliver stable capital appreciation in the mid to long term, driven by its conservative technical strategy and the expert management team's experience and insight.

Investor Benefits: Why Choose Salzworth Global Currency Fund

Investing in the Salzworth Global Currency Fund presents multiple benefits. The fund provides an excellent opportunity to diversify one's portfolio beyond traditional asset classes, offering exposure to the global currency markets. Its low-correlation to traditional asset performance provides a valuable hedge against market volatility. The fund also stands out for its robust risk management practices, ensuring a balanced approach to investment that prioritizes capital protection. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of market dynamics, the Salzworth Global Currency Fund is committed to delivering steady returns for its investors.

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