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12 Days of IXS-Mas Mechanics

Welcome to the most festive and rewarding campaign of the season! As we approach the holiday season, IX Swap is excited to announce our 12 Days of IXS-Mas Campaign, beginning on the 13th and culminating on the 24th!

At IX Swap, we're passionate about revolutionizing the landscape of Security Token Offerings (STOs) for real-world assets. Just like Uniswap revolutionized decentralized finance, we're here to bring innovation and accessibility to the world of RWAs.

🎁 The 12 Days of IXS-Mas: How It Works

Starting on the 13th of December and lasting until the 24th, our festive campaign will unfold with a daily challenge for you, our incredible community. Each day, a unique task will be revealed, inspired by the beloved "12 Days of Christmas."

Participation is simple:

🎁 Bonus Rewards Await!

For those dedicated individuals who conquer all 12 tasks, a special bonus will be granted as a token of our appreciation for your active participation in our community. Completing all 12 days on Zealy will also allow you to claim a huge EXP boost, improving your chances in the $300 monthly reward pool.

🎁 Spread the Joy and Let’s Spend #IXS-Mas Together

Let's come together as a community and celebrate the holiday season. Join and follow IX Swap on this journey, and let's show the world the possibilities of decentralized finance. Together, we'll make this holiday season unforgettable!

Happy swapping, and may your RWA-stockings be filled with joy and IX Swap tokens!


1. Create a short original IX Swap-themed holiday poem.

2. Design a festive holiday poster featuring IX Swap.

3. Share a personal story of your journey into discovering IX Swap.

4. Design a funny meme around IX Swap.

5. Use AI to create images using these keywords: Real-world assets, tokenization, IX Swap

6. Write a Twitter thread post outlining the future impact of RWAs facilitated by IX Swap.

7. Share your favorite IX Swap feature and explain why it's significant to you.

8. Answer the riddle: where the answer reveals a key feature or benefit of IX Swap.

9. Join our IXS-Mas trivia challenge about IX Swap's features and functionalities.

10. 4 Pics, 1 Word: Guess the word with only four pictures hinting at a word related to IX SWAP.

11. Scavenger Hunt: Discover the secret code within clues on the IX SWAP website that the community must uncover.

12. Create a fun holiday-themed video promoting IX Swap


Exciting rewards await participants in our upcoming tasks! Each task is linked to its specific reward, encouraging users to aim higher for greater rewards. Plan your strategy effectively as the more challenging the task, the greater the corresponding reward.