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CKGP Sprint on Zealy

In celebration of the launch of Coach K’s GameFi portfolio. IX Swap is pleased to announce the return of our Zealy platform!

For a limited time only, IX Swap will be running the CKGP sprint. From March 20 - April 10, users can participate on the IX Swap Zealy questboard. For a chance to win a share of the 10000 $IXS prize pool!

IXS Zealy Questboard Mechanics
Users on the IXS Zealy quest board must complete tasks in exchange for EXP points. Users who accrue the highest EXP points stand to share a bigger portion of the 10000 $IXS prize pool.

Quests are divided into 3 main aspects:

Get Started
These are your basic starter quests. Join IX Swap’s channels and acquire basic EXP points, but take note. Some quests are locked behind these ones. So make sure you complete all of the starter quests to get access to bigger EXP quests.

Main Quests
Keep your eyes on the prize. Looking to get ahead of the leaderboard? Make sure to complete all ‘Main Quests’ and get ahead of all the users participating in the CKGP sprint. The faster you get these quests completed, the faster you can get ahead of the curve.

Side Quests
Looking to complete more quests? Here’s a side quest for you, IXS sprinter! With the side quests you can get an instant EXP boost by completing our side quests. Make sure to check in with our daily quests for your daily EXP bonus.

Reward Distribution
We want to make sure that everyone gets a slice of the 10,000 $IXS prize pool. So the reward distribution is as follows:

Top 1: 800 $IXS

Top 2 - 10: 300 $IXS

Top 11-50: 100 $IXS each

Top 51-100: 50 $IXS each

To be eligible to claim your share of the 10000 $IXS prize pool, users are required to complete 2 things:

  1. Be KYC-approved
  2. Invest at least $1 on CKGP

Even though users are at the top of the leaderboards, unless they complete these 2 things, they will not be eligible to receive their share of the 10000 $IXS prize pool. 

March 20 - April 22

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