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Community AMA Recap: January 2023

Pipeline / Short-term focus:

More STO exchanges integrating IX Swap:

New website:

The IXS Launchpad:

Security Tokens:


New development:

IXS Token:

Funding round / Runway:

Market approach:





What are the token velocity mechanisms of IXS?


In terms of the spending of IXS, that will hopefully accelerate once the launchpad launches.

We're trying to build the tokenomics in a way that costs/fees on the platform accrue back into IXS which will be one of the major drivers for token value. 

Another thing we're looking at is partnerships that allow us to integrate IXS on other platforms, which will be one of the talking points of our strategy session(s). 

We're thinking about how we're going to push spending of IXS on other platforms. Poolz was a good example of this. They gave our token holders special benefits on their IDO platform using only IXS tokens rather than Poolz tokens.

The utility is something we're looking at to drive up the velocity and spending of IXS.


What are project Janus & project Skylab?


These are bridge & oracle projects for the STO space.

We're having discussions on the oracle project right now but that's more in the long term.

A big reason we're looking at oracles is that if we wanted to onboard something like a mutual fund, without an oracle providing price feeds to these mutual funds the price would be free-floating in the market and have huge amounts of arbitrage across different platforms. 

Fund admins don't want this so we're working with them on oracles to address this.


How can you ensure us that holding this token is more beneficial for the long term and that you won't give up when things get tough?


Things have been tough since day one since no one has ever done this before.

We're still here. There are a lot of easier ways for Aaron and I to make money, we're not even making any money right now.

We're just investing and holding all our assets in equity and IX Swap.

You can see the track record of the team, you can see all the AMAs. 

Here we are right now.

We didn't have to do this, but we believe in the project and the community. We love the support. We still think we're just getting started.

Some people have been disappointed by the speed of things but if you look around at other projects you can see after a while if they're legitimate or not.

We're big believers in the tokenization of all assets. It's going to happen, it's just a matter of time. All the news is pointing to this.

It took InvestaX 2.5 years to get its exchange license. That's almost double the time IXS has been alive. It's not easy, but here we are, and we still want to see IX Swap be successful and its use case come to fruition, hopefully sooner than later.


It has been mentioned that the plan is to tokenize assets on IX Swap. 

Quite possibly, that could be the most lucrative utility for all IXS holders.

Question is, what steps have been taken and still need to be taken in order for that to happen?  What is the timeframe to have that come to fruition?


That's what we're building on the launchpad right now. 

The legal team has been working hard to standardize all the documentation and structures that we think is the best route to create an STO, 

all the way to the point where it would become easy for the person to set up a company or SPV. 

The owner would just have to transfer the ownership into the SPV and essentially use all our documentation for standard STO issuances. 

To start, this will only be debt & equity, rather simple structures. 

But we can build out on that. 

That's what we've been working on to get the launchpad ready. 

We want to standardize and make it easy for people to launch STOs. 

We need more products in the market so this is what we're offering the market. 

A lot of time has been spent by our legal team looking into different jurisdictions and different structures to find out what the best & most cost-effective way is to launch an STO in this market.


Yesterday in Korea, the Financial Supervisory Service legally allowed STOs. Securities companies are also actively advancing into the STO market.

Does the team have any plans to enter other countries(ex. Korea) using the white labeling method?


We're in conversations with a Korean group right now. They issue their own STOs and we're looking to distribute some of the assets as well.

We're looking at working together with a couple of different STO groups across different jurisdictions.

Maybe not originating, but distributing the deals they have on their platform so that our users can invest in these through our launchpad.