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IX Swap Academy

Understanding and navigating the STO or tokenized real-world asset space can be overwhelming.

Which is why we curated the IX Swap Academy,  allowing new and existing users in the space to access indepth educational courses—equiping you with the right knowledge to charter the STO space.

Even more exciting is we're adding quests to go along with our IX Swap Academy. Users who complete the quest journey are eligible to receive their own IX Swap PoAP NFT!

To top it off, users who complete the IXS Academy are eligible to join our IX Swap Ambassador program. We're announcing a new role!

The courses fall into three tiers:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Beginner - this course helps you understand the basic concepts of DeFi, and the terms floating around in the STO space.

Intermediate - this course covers the core fundamentals in the tokenization of RWAs space.

Advanced - Lastly, this course provides a general overview on the regulatory framework around STOs

IXS Academy Zealy Quest journey

We've added-in new quests for our IXS Academy on Zealy! After completing one course head into the IXS Zealy questboard, and click the course quiz. Click the link in the quest description, and take the quiz on our Discord channel. Submit a screenshot of your perfect scores, and claim the quest!

Rewards for each tier is as follows:

  1. Beginner - Unlocks 'Advanced' Course
  2. Intermediate - IXScholar Discord and Telegram roles
  3. Advanced - Unlocks IX Swap Ambassador Program

That's not all! To truly be experts in the IX Swap sphere, we're giving away 10 IXS for users to try out the IX Swap platform! Users who complete this successfully can claim their IX Swap PoAP NFT! Certifying that you are a true IX Swap expert!

Ready to start your journey? Head on over to our Zealy dashboard!
Zealy Dashboard