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IX Swap and penomo™ Join Forces

At IX Swap, we're proud to be dubbed the "Uniswap of RWAs," offering retail investors unprecedented access to Real World Assets for as low as $1. Our innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) powered DEX serves as a global retail market, enabling seamless integration of various RWA protocols. Through our platform, individuals can easily initiate liquidity pools, democratizing access to the RWA market.

Meanwhile, penomo stands as the beacon for on-chain, peer-to-peer capital financing of renewable assets, fueled by Real World Asset tokenization. With a focus on enabling the tokenization and legal compliance necessary for fostering the adoption of interconnected green assets in local energy grids, penomo empowers both local communities and global capital pools to participate directly in the green energy revolution.

Together, penomo and IX Swap address the critical issue of low-carbon energy asset scalability. While these assets play a vital role in ensuring our planet's energy security, they have historically remained illiquid and capital-intensive, thus limiting their accessibility to a select few centralized institutions.

Our partnership represents a monumental step towards freeing the flow of capital and unlocking the liquidity of green assets. By leveraging the synergies between penomo’s tokenization technology and IX Swap's RWA trading platform, we create a direct pathway for investors to engage with high-yield clean energy investments, while simultaneously providing builders and operators of low-carbon technology with accelerated growth capital on favorable terms.

Through this collaboration, investors and communities alike can take ownership of the clean energy transition, diversify their portfolios, and hedge against inflationary risks. Furthermore, builders and operators receive the essential capital they need to drive the expansion of sustainable technologies, fostering a brighter and greener future for all. Together, we are reshaping the future of finance and paving the way for a more sustainable world.

About penomo:

penomo is the platform for on-chain, peer-to-peer capital financing of renewable assets, powered by Real World Asset tokenization. Providing the operating system for tokenization and legal compliance, tailored for compounded and incentivized adoption of interconnected green assets in local energy grids. It enables direct economic participation of local user communities, global private capital pools, and institutions, based on revenue-sharing.