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IX Swap and VMIC to Pioneer the Aviation Asset RWA Market

VMIC, a leading aviation leasing and finance company, announced on June 11, 2024 that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IX Swap, the world’s leading real-world asset (RWA) platform. Through this agreement, both companies will pursue a collaboration in issuing and distributing RWA tokens backed by aviation assets, including aircraft and aircraft engines, to global investors.

IX Swap, a sister platform to the Singapore-based RWA platform, InvestaX, which is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, operates the world’s first  decentralized exchange (DEX) for security and RWA tokens, powered by blockchain technology. VMIC and an aviation consortium were designated as an innovative financial service for issuing trust beneficiary certificates to allow investors to invest in aviation assets on April 30th. Following this, VMIC is accelerating its entry into the global STO and RWA market.

Through this collaboration, VMIC and IX Swap aim to increase accessibility to the aviation investment market, which has traditionally been difficult for retail investors to access. Their goal is to reshape aviation finance and provide broader investment opportunities. With the increasing demand for travel, airlines worldwide are showing a high demand for expanding aviation assets, and currently, they secure and use assets through leasing at a high rate. Investing in these leased aviation assets has the potential to generate stable and high returns in aviation finance.

However, the aviation finance ecosystem still needs to be opened, with only a few financial institutions and global leasing companies with expertise in aviation finance participating, limiting the liquidity supply needed for airlines to secure assets quickly. VMIC believes that conducting aviation STOs to attract investments from global investors will play a significant role in solving the funding issues needed for expanding aviation infrastructure. In collaboration with the IXS Launchpad, this is a golden opportunity able to come to fruition through blockchain technology.

Nam Kyo-hoon, CEO of VMIC, stated, “Despite the growing interest and rapidly increasing demand for aviation assets globally, funding is not easy. Through our collaboration with IX Swap, we will strive to create an attractive financial environment for both the aviation industry and investors. VMIC will source the best assets through our global network, conduct STOs, and maximize asset value protection and operational revenue, to provide high returns to investors.”

Julian Kwan, founder and CEO of IX Swap and InvestaX, said, “We are pleased to be able to tokenize a wider range of aviation assets and introduce them to global investors through our collaboration with VMIC. We will continue to lead innovation in the aviation finance market through the cooperation of both companies.”