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IX Swap Korea Tour Recap

South Korea is a bustling city and one that has definitely integrated a very digital landscape. In the past few months, the team at IX Swap and InvestaX has received pining interest from many South Korean companies and venture capitalists. 

Tokenization2023 - Seoul Edition

Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of innovation as we proudly extend the reach of our Tokenization 2023 series to the vibrant city of Seoul! Following the resounding success in Singapore and Hong Kong, our latest edition in Seoul on Nov 7, 2023, left a lasting impact with over 50 eager attendees.

Picture this: a dynamic atmosphere charged with anticipation as our esteemed keynote speakers took center stage, unraveling the mysteries of tokenized real-world assets, known in Korea as STOs. Conversations ignited with Korean company representatives boldly stepping into the realm of tokenization.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from none other than Hogun Lee of InterVest, setting the tone for an evening of groundbreaking insights. Special thanks to the InterVest team for their invaluable support in making this event a soaring success.

In a riveting presentation, our CEO and co-founder, Julian Kwan, shared his visionary thoughts on the momentum behind the tokenization of RWAs or STOs. Revel in the revelation that InvestaX and IX Swap stand at the forefront, perfectly positioned to empower Korean securities companies with unparalleled global retail access.

Hold on tight as Justin Kim of Avalanche Korea takes you on a thrilling ride through the future of AVAX, unraveling the secrets of tokenizing RWAs and STOs. Discover the key to unlocking asset tokenization on the AVAX chain.

Lastly, HyunKi Lee of EQBR delves into the transformative power of tokenization in driving the applications of blockchain technology in South Korea, leaving audiences spellbound.

STO Summit

Get ready for a rollercoaster of excitement as our team dives headfirst into the electrifying STO Summit hosted by eDaily, Flip, and proudly sponsored by the trailblazers at Artrino! Brace yourself for the ultimate adventure in the heart of the South Korean market.

If there was ever a sign pointing us towards the dynamic landscape of South Korea, the STO Summit was it! With over 200 eager attendees and a powerhouse lineup of 50 speakers, this was no ordinary event—it was a must-attend spectacle that our team couldn't resist.

The first-ever summit exclusively dedicated to the tokenization of real-world assets, or as they call it in Korea, STOs. IX Swap proudly takes center stage as we announce our sponsorship of the summit's thrilling 'Start-up Competition,' marking a historic moment in the world of tokenization.

But that's not all—day one of the summit saw the dynamic duo, Julian Kwan and Aaron Ong, delivering jaw-dropping presentations that revealed the magic behind InvestaX and IX Swap. Witness firsthand how these platforms are poised to catapult Korean content into the global retail market, setting the stage for a revolution. Get the full presentations in the video links below:

Julian Kwan, CEO & Co-founder of InvestaX and IX Swap

Aaron Ong, Co-founder of IX Swap

Step into the captivating world behind the scenes! Following their electrifying presentations, Julian and Aaron don't just take a breather—they dive straight into the heart of the action in the eDaily studio for an exclusive, broadcasted interview.

Julian Kwan, CEO & Co-founder of InvestaX and IX Swap

Aaron Ong, Co-founder of IX Swap

With all the traction we've witnessed and created—MOUs signed with Korean IP companies. We'd also like to thank IX Swap's very own B2B ambassador Juchul Shin, for helping us foter relationships with the right audience. It's safe to say that, It’s been a great week in South Korea! Great food, places, and definitely people. With a successful lead into the Korean market, InvestaX and IX Swap will definitely bring Korean content to even greater global heights.

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