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IX Swap Partners with Tiamonds

IX Swap is thrilled to join forces with Tiamonds, an innovative project by LCX, aimed at unlocking the potential of tokenization through democratizing luxury asset ownership.

At IX Swap, our mission has always been to revolutionize the way real-world assets (RWAs) are traded and accessed within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. With our regulatory-compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM)-powered DEX, IX Swap empowers individuals to create liquidity pools for RWAs and facilitates seamless trading for all investors, with transactions starting as low as $1.

Tiamonds, spearheaded by the reputable LCX, introduces a captivating fusion of tokenized diamonds and a deflationary cryptocurrency called TIA TokenThese tokenized diamonds represent ownership of physical, real-world diamonds. Tiamonds doesn't just tokenize assets; it creates an immersive experience where investors and even individuals have easy access to diamond investments.

By joining forces with Tiamonds, IX Swap aims to catalyze the adoption of tokenized assets and enrich the DeFi landscape with innovative possibilities. This co-marketing partnership represents a convergence of our shared vision to democratize access to real-world assets and drive forward discussions on the tokenization of real-world assets narrative.

In the coming weeks and months, IX Swap and Tiamonds will collaborate closely to explore synergies between our platforms, focusing on creating marketing campaigns to drive the tokenization narrative further.

Together we're pioneering new pathways for innovation, accessibility, and empowerment within the digital asset space. 

About Tiamonds:

Tiamonds is the largest platform worldwide for tokenized diamonds that are fully asset-backed with $TIA tokens as rewards. These are certified diamonds that are stored securely in a vault in Liechtenstein. It guarantees the authenticity and security of these priceless assets through insurance by Lloyd's London and certification by LCX and GIA. Tiamonds has partnered with LCX as a Physical Validator, ensuring that the value of the tokenized diamonds is backed by natural, high-quality diamonds. Additionally, each holder has the option to redeem the physical diamond.