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IX Swap Q2 - A Full Report on our Busiest Quarter Yet

Quick Summary

April - Continuing the Uplift From March

April was a dynamic month for IX Swap, beginning with the $IXS listing on Poloniex, significantly enhancing the token's accessibility and liquidity. Julian Kwan hosted a session on "Why Tokenized Real-World Assets" with the INX Group, shedding light on the future of tokenized assets. We engaged the community through an AMA with MqDAO, providing valuable insights and updates. The Coach K’s GameFi Portfolio (CKGP) public sale was extended, allowing more participants to join.

An AMA with Tiamonds followed, discussing future projects and collaborations. April saw a series of strategic partnerships with Kima Network, Hyve, RealtyX, Tiamonds, and AlphaX. In the L7 Crypto Talk, we explored how blockchain transforms financial landscapes. The arrival of Kumar on the IXS Launchpad was announced, marking a significant milestone. Community engagement was further boosted with the CKGP Zealy Sprint and the IXS Meme Competition 2024. We concluded April with our RWA Panel 4 and an AMA with Penomo Protocol, maintaining our focus on real-world asset tokenization and community interactions.

May - Unlocking a New RWA Market

May was equally eventful, starting with "Redefining Private Credit and Public Debt in the Digital Age," hosted by Inveniam. This event delved into the evolving landscape of digital finance. We forged new partnerships with CygnusFi and The Infinity & Beyond Podcast featured discussions on how tokenization benefits institutional investors. The Sangamithra deal went live on the IXS Launchpad, offering new tokenized IP products for the RWA industry.

Revisiting LP sessions with Coinbase and an RWA AMA panel with industry leaders Freebnk and Kima brought enriching dialogues. The Treasurer deal was unveiled on the IXS Launchpad. The Infinity and Beyond Podcast featured NirvanaLab CEO, Dan Burke, and CEOs from Centrifuge and Anemoy Capital, providing deep insights into the industry. We concluded the month of May with the successful launch of Tokenization Manila 2024 with the leading Philippine exchange PDAX, emphasizing our commitment to global engagement and education.

June - Making Strides in South Korea

June continued the momentum with an AMA featuring IX Swap, Arcana, and Polytrade, discussing collaborative future projects. New partnerships were established with QuilAudits, Cogito, VMIC, Electrowizy, Socialerus, and Nanuhm Angels. Revisiting LP sessions with Faculty Group and Coinbase were conducted, including new LPs with Spartan Group.

An AMA panel with the RWA community, featuring Defactor, StrikeX, and RedBelly, hosted by CondoBase, provided a platform for extensive discussions. The Infinity and Beyond Podcast featured D8 Exchange Co-founder, Caspar Sauter, sharing valuable insights. We highlighted practical applications of the IXS DEX through a dedicated blog post. Our monthly AMA in June focused on our journey back to Base, engaging the community with updates and plans.

The Treasurer deal went live on the IXS Launchpad, marking another successful launch. CKGP achieved its 500K USDT fundraising goals, celebrating a significant milestone. We introduced KYC 2.0, enhancing our KYC processes for better security and compliance. New use cases for IXS were showcased through Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTPs). The quarter concluded with an exciting preview of upcoming initiatives planned for Q3, promising more innovation and growth you don’t want to miss out on.

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