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$IXS: World’s First and Leading RWA Platform

IX Swap stands tall as a pioneering force, revolutionizing the way Real World Assets (RWAs) are traded, tokenized, and accessed. As the Uniswap equivalent for RWAs, IX Swap has achieved remarkable milestones, cementing its position as a trailblazer.

IX Swap is backed by some very notable groups, whose clear foothold in the finance sectors, in both the Web3 and traditional spaces, cements the narrative that IX Swap is driving forward.


Web3 Finance


With more than 50+ partners and counting, IX Swap is building an RWA ecosystem that features the greatest in the Web3 space. Most notable are:

Recent New Partners:

But we’re more than pen to paper, IX Swap is the, if not only, RWA platform that has a live and fully licensed platform for all investors. This is evidenced by the number of liquidity pools already on the IX Swap platform:

Live Liquidity Pools:

Building in the space since 2018, IX Swap has gained the leverage of first-mover advantage, and below are the many achievements we have accomplished so far

1. Development of Legal and Compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM) for RWAs

IX Swap introduced the world's first legally compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM) tailored specifically for RWAs. This innovative platform facilitated the creation of liquidity pools for RWA secondary trading, revolutionizing the accessibility and efficiency of asset trading in the DeFi space.

2. Launch of Global RWA Accelerator Program

IX Swap launched the world's first global RWA Accelerator Program, aimed at unlocking the potential of startups. This initiative underscored IX Swap's commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth within the RWA ecosystem. Leveraging our technology, legal and structuring expertise, licenses, and global network, we get the best RWA projects launched and up and running 10x faster and at a 90% lower cost compared to RWA projects launching by themselves.

3. Introduction of $IXS Token 

IX Swap introduced the $IXS token, serving as a cornerstone of our ecosystem and empowering users with utility functionalities. With more interesting utilities coming down the pipeline

4. Licensed Tokenization Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offering

IX Swap broke new ground by becoming the first platform to offer a licensed Tokenization Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This achievement underscores IX Swap's dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for tokenizing assets while adhering to regulatory standards.

5. Advocacy and Infrastructure Building in the DeFi Space

IX Swap emerged as a vocal advocate for public protocols and played a pivotal role in building key infrastructure connecting Traditional Finance (TradFi) and DeFi. This commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation underscores IX Swap's vision for a more inclusive and decentralized financial landscape.

6. Production of Tokenization 2023/4 Series in Key Asian Cities

IX Swap organized the Tokenization 2023/4 series across major Asian cities including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Seoul. These events served as platforms for thought leadership, knowledge sharing, and networking, driving awareness and adoption of tokenization technologies in the region.

7. Tokenization of a Singapore Company Holding a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

IX Swap achieved yet another milestone by tokenizing a Singaporean company holding a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) membership. This groundbreaking feat highlighted IX Swap's versatility in tokenizing diverse assets, ranging from traditional financial instruments to digital collectibles. Stay tuned as IX Swap continues to lead the charge towards a more accessible, transparent, and inclusive financial ecosystem.

In conclusion, IX Swap's journey is defined by relentless innovation, regulatory compliance, and a steadfast commitment to driving positive change in the world of RWAs. With a string of groundbreaking achievements under its belt, IX Swap continues to push the boundaries of possibility, shaping the future of decentralized finance, one milestone at a time.