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Launching Tokenization Manila | 2024 with PDAX

The excitement was palpable as Tokenization Manila 2024 unfolded, marking a significant milestone in the Philippines' journey into the world of blockchain, Web3, and crypto. IX Swap and PDAX co-hosted this event, which highlighted the Philippines' dedication to innovation and its growing influence in the global blockchain ecosystem. Over the last few years, the Philippines has emerged as one of the countries at the forefront of embracing blockchain technology and digital assets. Held in the heart of Manila, the event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss the future of tokenization and its impact on the global economy. The enthusiasm and energy at Tokenization Manila 2024 were a testament to the Philippines' vibrant blockchain community and its readiness to lead in real-world asset tokenization (RWAs)

Kicking Off with Insights from Julian Kwan

The event kicked off with a foreward from PDAX Listing Director, Pat Lao. Followed by a compelling introduction by Julian Kwan, CEO and Co-Founder of IX Swap and InvestaX, who provided insights into the evolution of Security Token Offerings (STOs) into Real-World Assets (RWAs) since 2018. 

Julian highlighted the initial efforts in tokenizing assets and the tremendous growth seen in this space over the past few years. He emphasized the importance of acquiring licenses, a process that typically takes years, and how we are now at an inflection point with acceptance from Wall Street to startup land. 

Also delving into how IX Swap and InvestaX are leading the movement towards RWA adoption, explaining the workings of IX Swap as a decentralized exchange for security tokens and tokenized assets. His presentation underscored the critical role these platforms play in driving widespread adoption of tokenized assets.

Julian also addressed the growing excitement surrounding tokenization. After years of development and maturation, with key milestones such as the approval of Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs, the industry is now at a pivotal moment. The ease of tokenizing private and public market assets, combined with endorsements from industry giants like Larry Fink, Blackrock, and the CEO of Franklin Templeton, has created a surge of interest. The call to use public blockchains for tokenization is particularly significant, as it enables real-world assets to interact seamlessly with digital assets, opening up new avenues for value creation, investment products, and distribution channels.

InvestaX Demo Video

IX Swap Demo Video

Last but not the least, the presentation portion of the event was concluded by a presentation from Pat Zulueta, Growth Advisor, for XC Labs. Pat presented on their co-arm Xave Finance, a protocol dedicated to providing liquidity for stablecoins.

Distinguished Speakers and Their Insights

Following Julian's introduction, the event featured the brightest minds and leading experts in the Philippine blockchain industry:

Each speaker brought a unique perspective, enriching our discussions on tokenization and its potential to revolutionize various industries.

Electrifying Atmosphere and Enthusiastic Engagement

The atmosphere at Tokenization Manila 2024 was electric. The enthusiastic participation from notable attendees:

Cebuana Lhuillier, Bitpinas, Tether, added immense value to the event. It was inspiring to see the level of engagement and curiosity from participants eager to explore the world of tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).

The event also attracted a diverse audience, including industry professionals, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts. The vibrant and insightful conversations about the future of tokenization were a testament to the growing interest and acceptance of this transformative technology in the Philippines. Even young, hungry minds as young as 18, who are still students, attended the event, eager to learn and engage with the possibilities that tokenization offers.

The Philippines: Ready for Real-World Assets Tokenization

One of the key takeaways from Tokenization Manila 2024 is the readiness of the Filipino market for RWA. This readiness opens up a plethora of opportunities for tokenized real-world assets.

The success of Tokenization Manila 2024 has set the stage for IX Swap to explore new horizons. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our journey in advancing the tokenization of real-world assets. The event has opened doors to numerous opportunities for collaboration and innovation, and we are eager to build on the momentum generated.