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Monthly Update: April 2023


Monthly Community AMA

April's 2023 Monthly AMA took place on our Telegram community channel, featuring Co-Founders Julian Kwan and Aaron Ong. They discussed recent updates on IX Swap, including the progress on our launchpad, primary and secondary listings, and marketing efforts, as well as the current state of the security token and tokenization market.

Key points from the AMA include:

Launchpad Progress:

Primary Listings:

Register for Interest Page:

Secondary Listings:

Stablecoin Staking Program:

Marketing Efforts:

Miscellaneous Updates:

Watch the video AMA.

WOW Summit Hong Kong

Our Co-Founder Alice Chen participated as a speaker at the prestigious WOW Summit Hong Kong. Alice joined a panel discussion focusing on "Digital Assets & Financial Institutions: DeFi revolution.

The WOW Summit, officially supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and InvestHK, is a flagship event in the APAC region. It gathered over 5000 attendees, including global industry leaders, top executives, and founders, providing exceptional networking and business opportunities. We're proud to have Alice represent IX Swap at such a significant event, sharing her insights on the future of digital assets and financial institutions.



The latest version of the roadmap is available on Gitbook and will be updated at the end of every month. View it here.

Vincent van Gogh and the Future of Venture Capital

Explore the concept of tokenization in the world of art and venture capital through a fictional story about Vincent van Gogh. Discover how his innovative funding model for the arts could revolutionize venture capital and learn about the three tokenization models in the market: token issuance, security token exchange, and licensed tokenization SaaS (Software as a Service). Find out how our Tokenization SaaS platform offers a one-stop solution for security token needs, with cutting-edge technology, seamless banking integration, and flexible trading options.

To dive deeper into the story and learn more about the potential of tokenization, read the full article.

Course: What is IX Swap?

Building upon our "Introduction to Tokenization and Security Tokens" course, we've developed a course specifically about IX Swap. This course aims to provide readers with a thorough understanding of IX Swap, the services we provide, and how to participate in the tokenization movement by investing in security tokens available on our platform. Explore the course here.

We appreciate your continued support and engagement with IX Swap. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks!

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