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Monthly Update: February 2023


Monthly community AMA

The February 2023 Monthly AMA took place on our Telegram community channel with Co-Founders Julian Kwan and Aaron Ong. They provided insights on the latest security token and tokenization market trends, updates on IX Swap, and more. Watch the video AMA here.

Key points from the AMA include:

Firechat: Alice Chen

We had Alice Chen, Co-Founder of IX Swap and InvestaX on a firechat with us, discussing the legal challenges that IX Swap has encountered, reflecting on their legal journey, how the SEC has started its clean-up in the crypto space, how security tokens will transform the financial industry and change people’s view on how investments have been made, and more! The recording is available here.

Infinity & Beyond Podcast: Building a Metaverse Embassy

Julian had guest Gabriel Abed, the Ambassador of Barbados to the United Arab Emirates, who shared his personal experiences and thoughts on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He discussed his investments, plans for a metaverse embassy, and how Barbados is using blockchain to advance its economy. His expertise provided valuable information about the future of digital currencies and their impact on global economics. Listen to the episode here.


The latest version of the roadmap is available on Gitbook and will be updated at the end of every month. View it here.

Course: What are Tokenization and Security Tokens?

To continue on our private markets course we followed up with a course on tokenization and security tokens. The primary focus of this course is to explore the concept of tokenization and security tokens, their relationship with each other, the benefits they offer, and their practical applications. Check it out here.

Mark your calendars! - Upcoming events

Firechat: Security Token Market

On Wednesday, March 8th at 2 PM UTC, we are excited to welcome Peter Gaffney, the Head of Institutional at Security Token Market and Head of Research at Security Token Advisors to learn more about what the companies are doing within the security token and tokenization space, Peter's vision on its future and more. The event will be held on our Telegram channel.

InvestaX: Masterclass on Digital Asset Regulations - A look at what’s to come in 2023

Date: Thursday, March 9th. Register for free here.

Agenda: After a volatile 2022 for the digital assets industry, regulators are tightening policies and laws to ensure financial stability, protect investors, and control bad actors while allowing for innovation. New legislation and rules are being crafted worldwide, from the UAE to the US and Hong Kong. Attend our webinar to hear from industry experts about the regulatory landscape for digital assets in 2023.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

1. Is Asia emerging as a safe haven for the digital asset industry after the meltdown in the west?

2. UK, Japan, Korea, UAE: what do the regulatory frameworks have to offer to digital asset players?

3. The Pilot Regime in the EU

4. Regulatory concerns around Corporate Governance

5. What is the prevailing regulatory approach for digital assets: enforcement-based regulation as seen in the United States or legislation-driven regulation as observed in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates?

Firechat: CurioInvest

On Wednesday, March 15th at 2 PM UTC, we will be joined by CurioInvest’s Co-Founder Fernando Verboonen to talk about Curioinvest’s recent developments, its current listings such as the CT1 Token, any plans for upcoming listings, and more! The event will take place on our Telegram channel.

Other news in the space

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Video: Believe It or Not, the SEC is Good - Security Token Show: Episode 176

Video: Tokenization Explained: Feeder Funds - Security Token Show: Episode 174

German DekaBank plans to launch tokenization platform by 2024

Want to get more updates on the security token and tokenization industry? Check out the Security Token Market website or sign up for their newsletter here.

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