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Monthly Update: January 2023


Monthly community AMA
The January 2023 Monthly AMA took place on our Telegram community channel. Co-Founders Julian Kwan and Aaron Ong were in attendance and updated the community on IX Swap's progress, and ongoing work, and addressed any questions or concerns.

Key points from the AMA include

Firechat with Equanimity
Marcel Füssinger, the owner of Equanimity, a primary issuance platform, joined us to share his entrepreneurial journey and to discuss what Equanimity is, how it is collaborating with IX Swap to bring liquidity to its issuances, and his outlook for the future of the security token and tokenization industry. The recording is available here.

Twitter Space with Security Token Market
Julian Kwan, CEO, and Co-Founder was a guest speaker on Security Token Market’s Twitter Space. Watch the recorded chat here to understand why IX Swap is so bullish on security tokens and tokenization. The recording is available here.

Other Exciting Developments

The latest version of the roadmap is available on Gitbook and will be updated at the end of every month. View it here.

New and Improved Website
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website!  Our goal was to simplify our messaging and give a better understanding of IX Swap and its product offerings. The new website has been completed and will appear under the same domain as soon as the change has taken effect. We will make an official announcement on Twitter when it's live. Website link.

Integration of IXS Academy

The IXS Academy was created to educate the public on IX Swap and related topics. Before the new website, it was located at However, we have now integrated the IXS Academy into the new website for easier access.

Private Markets Course

To help our audience understand the full potential of IX Swap, we have created a course on private markets. Understanding private markets are crucial to grasping IX Swap's mission of making this market accessible for trading and investment. Check it out here.

Mark your calendars! - Upcoming events

Likvidi - Tokenization of Carbon
On Wednesday, February 8th at 1 PM UTC, we are excited to welcome Ransu Salovaara, the Founder & CEO of Likvidi, to our Telegram community for a discussion about Likvidi and the tokenization of carbon credits. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Telegram for more details.

Special monthly AMA
On Wednesday, February 22nd, we have a special AMA planned. In the first half, our Co-Founder and CEO, Julian Kwan, will give an educational presentation on "Blockchain & Digital Securities - The Future of Capital Markets". In the second half, as usual, we'll give updates on IX Swap and answer any questions from the community.

Other news in the space

Want to get more updates on the security token and tokenization industry? Check out the Security Token Market website or sign up for their newsletter here.

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