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Monthly Update: March 2023


Monthly special community AMA - March 2023

Our March 2023 Monthly AMA occurred on our Telegram community channel, featuring Co-Founder Aaron Ong. Aaron informed the community about the approval of the Bahamas License by regulators and provided updates on the Launchpad, Ambassador program, and more. The Launchpad code is set to be finalized and sent to QA, while the Ambassador program has entered its beta stage. The program will consist of two distinct roles: B2C and B2B. To learn more, watch the AMA recap here.

Fireside Chat with CurioInvest 

Fernando Verboonen, Co-Founder of CurioInvest, joined us as a guest, sharing insights about CurioInvest, their current listings, including the tokenized Ferrari F12TDF, over 1000 additional listings, and CurioInvest's future. Watch the recording here.

Tokenizing Real World Assets Webinar

In collaboration with InvestaX, we hosted a webinar discussing the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) and how to increase their value by tokenizing them. View the recorded version of the webinar here.

Masterclass on Digital Asset Regulations | A look at what's to come in 2023

InvestaX hosted a Masterclass covering topics like Asia's emergence as a digital asset safe haven after the meltdown, regulatory frameworks in the UK, Japan, Korea, and UAE, the Pilot Regime in the EU, and corporate governance regulatory concerns. Watch a recording of the event here for insights into the digital assets industry's future.


Bahamas DARE License Acquired

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas granted us a license to operate a digital assets business and digital token exchange. IX Swap is the first security token exchange to receive this license, allowing us to serve retail investors through our IXS Launchpad and Security token exchange, no longer relying on third-party licenses. Read Yahoo Finance's press release here for more information.

Notable points:


The latest version of the roadmap is available on Gitbook and will be updated at the end of every month. View it here.

Course: What is IX Swap?

Building upon our "Introduction to Tokenization and Security Tokens" course, we've developed a course specifically about IX Swap. This course aims to provide readers with a thorough understanding of IX Swap, the services we provide, and how to participate in the tokenization movement by investing in security tokens available on our platform. Explore the course here.

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