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New KYC, New Signup Bonuses!

At IX Swap, we're committed to constantly improving our platform, services, and user experience. Recently, we've seen significant growth in our audience. However, we understand that many potential users are deterred by the KYC process.

To address this, we've simplified our KYC process into three easy, automated steps. Learn more about our KYC upgrades here

KYC Signup Bonuses

Over the past few months, we've received thousands of KYC submissions but also noticed a considerable number of drop-offs in completion. To improve this, our team has revamped the KYC process and will now reward users for completing the new IXS KYC!

Signup Bonus Campaign

For users who attempted our previous KYC that included email verification, you'll receive an email from IX Swap's Substack. Complete the new KYC 2.0 process and earn a 10 $IXS signup bonus. Additionally, the first 100 users who complete KYC will be automatically entered into a raffle, where one winner gets the chance to win 1000 $IXS!


Joining IX Swap has never been easier and rewarding! Sign up now and get your $IXS!