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Security Token Exchange Listing: CT1 Token

CT1 Token

The CT1 token, otherwise known as Car Token 1, is pegged to the value of the world’s first tokenized Ferrari, the F12tdf, and represents fractional ownership of this high-profile collector car.

The CT1 tokens were first issued in 2020 with the following details:

While the world of luxury collectible cars has significantly outperformed other alternative asset classes in recent years, the industry is predominantly an elite multi-billion dollar market reserved for the rich and famous in society - and for good reasons.

That is about to change with blockchain and tokenization in the picture, and CurioInvest, the company behind the CT1 project, is right on top of that.

The investment platform is building and using unique cross-chain solutions to tokenize rare collectible assets such as luxury cars, and they are starting with the Ferrari F12tdf.

With only 799 units existing in the world, the Ferrari F12tdf was released in 2015 and had an initial listing price of US$450,000 to US$500,000.

In June 2016, a white Ferrari F12tdf was sold for a staggering US$1,550,000 through a private sale, indicating that the luxury car had already tripled in value.

In January 2018, renowned collector car auction house Mecum opined that a Ferrari F12tdf clad in Giallo Triplo Strato yellow, bought at an original price of US$621,624, could be a worthwhile investment, estimating that it could be worth between US$1.2 million to US$1.3 million if it were well-optioned.

Considered safe-haven assets, the immense potential of alternative assets like luxury cars to appreciate in value over time is also what makes the CT1 token attractive to investors.

By tokenizing a  Ferrari F12tdf, CurioInvest makes investing in this luxury asset widely accessible to a bigger pool of people. As a CT1 token holder, investors get to own a fraction of the tokenized Ferrari and are entitled to potential returns proportional to the value of the tokens they hold, such as when the vehicle is resold.

You can read more about CurioInvest here.

About the Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari is one of the best luxury supercar brands in the world and their limited-edition models are known to be sold for world-record prices years after their unveiling.

The Ferrari F12tdf's promising market potential comes from its aerodynamic carbon fiber body kit, rich history, exclusivity, and reputation as one of the fastest sports cars in the world.

The F12tdf name pays homage to the Tour de France automobile race held between 1899 and 1986, which was regularly won by the Ferrari 250 between 1956 and 1964.

The F12tdf commands a classic driver market due to its uncommon specifications and the fact that there are only 799 of this supercar available in the world. The market for this kind of car is in Europe, Australia, North America, and certain parts of Asia where avid collectors would pay insane amounts for such high-profile cars.

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