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The IXS Mission Logs

...log 1… we’ve intercepted a strange signal. We’re reporting signs of a beacon not too far from here. Intercepting beacon signals, and beginning an intergalactic journey to find the source…”

Since the inception of the IXS-nauts' expedition two years ago, their path has been fraught with challenges and triumphs alike. What began as a mission to revolutionize the real-world asset (RWA) universe has evolved into a relentless pursuit of progress and innovation.

From the outset, the IXS-nauts dedicated themselves to bridging the gap between the traditional financial (TradFi) alliance and the burgeoning RWA universe. With each passing day, they labored tirelessly, building, innovating, and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Their journey, chronicled in intercepted mission logs by the IXS command center, serves as a testament to their perseverance and resilience. These logs, meticulously compiled to honor the IXS-nauts' odyssey, are set to be released over the next two months. It is hoped that by sharing their story, the IXS community will be inspired to continue supporting and rallying behind the mission to bring the IXS-nauts back home.


As an intergalactic order is dispatched to announce the retrieval of these invaluable archives, the IXS command center prepares to unveil the first installment of the IXS Mission Logs. 

Mission Log 1: “Cosmic Bridge”

After years of hopeful anticipation for any sign of life, our IXS-nauts finally received a signal from a beacon on a distant planet. Without hesitation, they sprang into action, wasting no time in constructing a space bridge—a remarkable feat of engineering that would serve as the conduit for their interplanetary journey back home.

Mission Log 2: “Fair Launch”

Our IXS-nauts inch closer to the beacon, but are brought into a distant land. They are met with another "kind". An honest and fair people, they offer to trade what rations they have for anything. Their trust was cemented when offered to sign smart contracts by these foreign "kinds".

The engagement is cut short. Before they can even initiate the land is plagued by alter beings—space bugs. Outnumbered, and tired, the IXS-nauts must rally their troops to stand off and protect the "kind".

Mission Log 3: “AstroPoints System”

The IXS-nauts distraught, send a SOS beacon to the IXS command center. Weathered and exhausted from fighting off the space bugs, they must gather supply drops. But they can only do so through the AstroPoints System—an immediate emergency response plan that can only be accomplished through the IXS community.

Mission Log 4: “Supply Drop”

Nearing unconsciousness the IXS-nauts wait, impatiently. And as if all prayers had been answered they heard a familiar sound, it was the interplanetary supply drop system.
They receive rations to continue their journey home. Receiving $IXS from the IXS community the IXS-nauts send back offerings—supplies from the journey and the worlds around them—as they continue their trek onwards.

Mission Log 5: “Interplanetary Marketplace”

The IXS-nauts gather and trudge forward, towards a bustling city—closer to the beacon. Entering the city gates, they notice advanced trading systems and technology. The IXS-nauts are beckoned to trade their rare $IXS material with these trading marvels. Encouraging them to replenish and restock their supply, before inching closer to the beckon of their home beacon.