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Unlocking Your Startups Potential: IXS Real-World Asset Accelerator Program

In the ever fast revolving world of blockchain technology, the race to innovate and provide pioneering instruments is the pinnacle of the DeFi space. Which is why we are thrilled to introduce our RWA Accelerator program—a revolutionary initiative that promises to reshape the landscape of blockchain-based investments and financial offerings. 

Understanding that down the line, regulatory compliance would either make or break a protocol IX Swap spent years of relentless efforts to secure the essential licenses required for the global launch of Real World Assets (RWA) investments. Aside from getting the right licenses to facilitate business-to-business transactions. We also wanted to focus on ensuring that IX Swap can take on global retail investors  legitimately and provide a compliant platform to partake in tokenized real-world assets.

But getting the right licenses is not just the cornerstone of IX Swap. We've developed a state-of-the-art platform that is set to redefine the possibilities in blockchain investments. Our crowning achievement, the world's first Automated Market Maker for RWAs, opening doors for groundbreaking opportunities for businesses to launch their own security token, create liquidity pools, and provide access to these RWAs through retail global investors—for as little as $1.

What truly sets our RWA Accelerator program apart is the ability to expedite the launch of emerging startups and companies looking to get on the blockchain. By offering them a legally compliant, and shorter time to enter into the market. Because we understand the effort and the time it takes to securing licenses, building the technology and infrastructure—which is why we did it for you.

With the RWA Accelerator program, get your company the competitive advantage it needs with the full scope of our services below:

Selected projects will get the exclusive opportunity to tap into our training modules, and pitch to our network of venture capitalists! 

Want to join in? It’s easy, just fill out the form and our dedicated team stands ready to assist you in every step of the way. 

 RWA Accelerator Inquiry Form