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Abed Group Joins IX Swap Advisory Board

IX Swap is proud to officially welcome Abed Group to our advisory board.

The leading Caribbean-based venture studio has been in the finance industry for over a decade and brings with them seasoned expertise in delivering effective and responsive governance and sustainable development initiatives.

By leveraging innovative regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions, Abed Group empowers entrepreneurs to accelerate with their best foot forward amidst significant challenges in emerging markets.

Abed Group has years of proven experience under its belt in effectively bringing together different sectors in the industry - from governments to regulators to international organizations, investors, and entrepreneurs - which is driven by their commitment to ensure that the solutions they build and provide address development and governance challenges in emerging markets and solve real-world problems.

This is a commitment shared by IX Swap, whose vision is to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi by leveraging blockchain technology. In doing so, IX Swap aims to build the technological solution and infrastructure needed to solve the systemic liquidity problem of the security token and NFT industries.

IX Swap co-founder Aaron Ong explained that collaborating with organizations in the space that are driven by the same goal is critical to ensuring that system-wide adoption of innovative solutions is sustained. “We are proud to welcome Abed Group as part of our advisory board as they bring valuable insights  to the table when it comes to delivering innovative solutions that work,” Ong said. “Blockchain technology is revolutionary for an endless number of reasons but it takes fortitude and experience to actually bring these solutions to the sector that needs it the most, make it work, and make it sustainable. Abed Group has been doing that for years, and we are pleased to have their support as IX Swap aims to do the same in the security token and NFT industries.”

For more information about Abed Group, please visit