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IX Swap’s AMM-powered DEX Pioneers the Future of Real-World Assets Trading

In a big step forward for the financial industry, IX Swap launched the world’s first decentralized exchange (DEX) for real world assets (RWAs), powered by an automated market maker (AMM). It used to be extremely difficult for an average investor to trade commodities like real estate, infrastructure, private equity, natural resources, and other tangibles. Most of the time, only large institutions or the wealthy could invest in these assets because they were only available to an exclusive few at exorbitant minimum ticket sizes. Fast forward to today, the IXS DEX is lowering the hurdles to trading RWAs, making them accessible to everyone, and changing the way these assets are traded, in a big way.

What is a DEX?

A DEX is a type of exchange that doesn't have a central authority, order book or matching engine. Instead, it leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate trading through the use of another innovation called liquidity pools. This removes the need for a buyer and seller to be present at the ends of any specific trade at any given time because all trades occur with liquidity pools.

How does the IXS DEX operate?

As the first DEX harnessing AMM technology for the trading of RWA tokens, IX Swap is essentially bridging the gap by functioning  as the Uniswap for RWAs. This changes the way RWAs are traded in a fundamental way. By using liquidity pools instead of traditional order books, these assets that are not typically immediately tradable can now be traded quickly and continuously.

Here's a brief overview of how it works:

  1. Liquidity Pool Set-Up: Users set up a liquidity pool by adding pairs of tokens to a smart contract, and they can continuously provide liquidity to the pool at different times. These tokens are paired in a way that keeps the pool balanced and will be made available to traders for buying and selling.
  1. Automated Pricing: The AMM changes the prices of the tokens automatically based on how many buy and sell transactions are made. This automated model for changing prices constantly keeps the market fair and in tune with trade activity.
  1. Continuous Liquidity: The liquidity pool makes sure that there are always enough tokens  available for trading. Traders can buy or sell tokens at any time.
  1. Transaction Fees and Rewards: The IXS DEX charges a small fee for every transaction. This fee is then shared with liquidity providers as a reward.
  1. Security and Transparency: The IXS DEX uses blockchain technology, which enables IX Swap to monitor transactions securely and transparently. Smart contracts take care of everything, so there is no need for middlemen. 

The IXS DEX is leading the way in the rapid adoption of RWA tokenization. By combining liquidity pools and AMMs, IX Swap provides a solution that makes private market assets more accessible to everyone, provides constant liquidity, and gives users another way to earn passive income through liquidity provision. As the financial world changes, IX Swap remains at the forefront of the pack, setting new standards for the industry as a whole.