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Monthly Update: August 2022

Starting this month, we will provide a monthly roadmap progress report, as well as a lowdown of the latest IX Swap news, upcoming events, company updates, and everything else in between.

Roadmap Update

Roadmap Progress Report

We recently released our revamped roadmap last August 12, 2022 and as of August 31, 2022, we've added KYC Documentation Update and Liquidity Mining for IXS Pools (DeFiTerm) to the list. For comparison, you can check out our initial updated roadmap here or our monthly updated progress here.

Community AMA

Latest AMA Highlights Upcoming STO Listings

IX Swap CEO Julian Kwan and co-founder Aaron Ong went in-depth on what goes on behind the scenes, what's holding up the STO listings in the pipeline and more in our latest Community AMA. Watch here.

IXS Academy Launched

The IXS Academy has landed and it's here to make your security token journey easier as your no-fuss learning hub for all things STO. Learn more.

IXS a KuCoin Top Gainer

$IXS rose through the ranks of top gainers in KuCoin on 2 different days in August - surging up to 61.91%. To the moon! Buy IXS here.

Friday Fireside Chat

We launched a weekly fireside chat for a quick and casual 30-minute banter with the IX Swap community. Catch us every Friday at 5:00 PM SGT on Telegram. Join now.

6-Month Staking: FULL

Our first staking pool has filled up! This means there's only 3 more staking pools left that you can join. Check them out now before it's too late. Learn more.

Company News

Julian Kwan Goes on Air With Own Podcast Channel

To infinity and beyond and that's exactly what IX Swap CEO and co-founder Julian Kwan is up to these days as he launched his own podcast channel "Infinity & Beyond" where he shares industry insights, discusses what's making wave in the tokenization scene, and more. Listen on Spotify or Amazon now.

Industry Highlights

Massive Opportunity Seen in Tokenization

Financial services and bank holding company State Street banks on significant opportunities in tokenization by working on the ability to custody crypto assets by the end of the year. Read more.

STOs' Unmatched Edge for Companies

Tokenized securities can serve as a bridge to connect traditional capital markets to the increasingly digital world. Read more.

More Eco-Friendly DeFi Apps Seen Post-Merge

Ethereum made many significant innovations like STOs possible, and Its transition to PoS will allow it to become energy-efficient that's poised to renew Web3 interest. Read more.

Upcoming Events

September 14: Hubbis Investment Forum

IX Swap CEO Julian Kwan will be speaking in the Hubbis Investment Forum on how "Every Investment Manager Needs a Digital Asset Securities Strategy".

September 23-24: Blockchain Real Estate Summit 2022

IX Swap CEO Julian Kwan will be a keynote speaker at this years Blockchain Real Estate Summit - a yearly 2-day event for investors, issuers, and crypto enthusiasts.

September 27-28: Digital Assets Week Singapore

IX Swap will be attending the Digital Assets Week Singapore, an invite-only event which is focused on bringing digital assets and institutions together.

That's all for our revamped Mission Log for August! See you next month and don't forget to sign up on IX Swap and subscribe t our email newsletter to kickstart your security token journey today!

Until next time!