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Monthly Update: November 2021

November was a great month for IX Swap, let's go ahead to the mission debrief.

Fractionalized NFTs Coming Soon on IX Swap

Fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs) are essentially fungible tokens that are tied to non-fungible digital assets. This concept allows smaller investors to pool their resources together to purchase fractional interests of an NFT.

Fractionalization in NFT is the act of dividing the ownership of an NFT into smaller fractions. By doing so, it makes it possible for several people to own a single NFT. Soon we will enable trading of these F-NFTs will be live on the IX Swap platform soon with some interesting trading futures.

Check out our deck here if you are an NFT owner who’s interested in listing your NFT and reach out to us at

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Roadmap — What's next?

We were lucky to get a new calendar from the moon that gave our community a heads up with what the IX Swap team was up to!

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IX Swap Partners With Likvidi to Bring Green Finance into DeFi

The first partnership we announced in the month of November was with Likvidi! With this partnership, we are looking to create the next-generation secondary market which will be designed for transparency and sustainable investments such as green bonds.

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IX Swap Partners With First Digital

Our partnership with First Digital was nothing new but like our other partnerships, it needed a proper introduction!

With First Digital we are aiming to provide our users with outstanding safekeeping, proper recording, and custody of assets with secure accessible, and integrated financial services. This includes asset servicing, tracking, settling, and reconciling asset transactions.

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Social Media Channels

Not only did we announce essential partnerships to expand our reach in the financial sector but we made some new social media channels as well. We know that crypto degens are loyal to all sorts of different social media channels, therefore we have created a Reddit and Discord channel. We will continue to expand to more channels as we see there is potential to create communities as well!

Staking IXS on Polygon

We started the month off strong! Staking became available on Polygon and we could finally give our users a second option for staking without the high fees that come with Ethereum. The staking rates that initially launched were 88%, 44%, and 18% APY. As usual, the 88% APY staking pool got filled up, leaving users with the option to choose between 44% and 18% APY staking pool.

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IXS Advent Calendar Giveaway

We wanted to do something special as this is IX Swap's first Christmas! This year we are giving away over 10,000 IXS and over 20 NFTs! These NFTs have not been announced yet but we are giving some of them away to our community as a way to show some love back to our community!

From December 1, 2021 until December 24, 2021, we are holding different competitions where winners can be rewarded with IXS or NFTs from IX Swap’s own collection, depending on the competition!  

Please go to and check out the calendar! Behind each box, there is a competition hiding! Click the box to unlock and see what’s behind it.

What's Coming?

Enough of what's done, let's talk about some of the stuff that is coming.

In December, we will have an exchange listing that will be announced very soon. We previously talked about an ambassador program as well and this is coming! Potentially in January, we will have our ambassador program live. This program will initiate communities in all parts of the world, and with these communities, we want to expand IX Swap awareness to those it is unknown to and also teach people about the industry we are in.

The STO industry is still very small and its IX Swap's goal is to be at the forefront of this industry as we are also expanding into being more than just a decentralized exchange to security tokens and tokenized stocks.

We are also closer than ever to our platform launch, which has been promised to come in Q1 2022! We have heard all the voices from our community members about giving more information on the platform and how it will function. Therefore, we will spend much time prior to the launch to educate everyone on how it will function and also what can be traded on it.