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IX Swap Partners with TerraChain

We are proud to announce that IX Swap has partnered with TerraChain, a primary issuance and management platform that empowers businesses and investors alike to take advantage of security tokens.

TerraChain is a global technology and financial services company headquartered in Seattle, USA that provides clients with end-to-end digital security issuance services. It is also an investor management platform that provides an oracle service that captures asset level financial data on-chain.

Through TerraChain, issuers can raise capital from a global audience of investors and automate all subsequent reporting needs while investors receive access to on-chain financial reporting, providing the transparency necessary to make informed investment decisions.

By partnering with  TerraChain, we want to bring the opportunities made possible because of blockchain and asset tokenization to a wider audience by providing secondary trading opportunities for security tokens or other digital assets within TerraChain’s ecosystem.

Blockchain and asset tokenization have made significant strides in transforming global capital markets by introducing digital securities and blockchain-based tokens into the equation. This development has leveled the playing field so that small and medium-sized enterprises have an equal shot with big-name companies in getting the funds that they need to grow.

Aaron Ong, co-founder of IX Swap, explained that this innovation has also opened new investment opportunities and democratized its access in a way that was not possible before, which paves a new era in digital finance.

“The adoption of blockchain technology in different industries has revolutionized pretty much everything within its scope, and this is even more pronounced in the financial industry,” Ong said. “STOs are a testament to that but while the security token space is well-positioned to lead the digital future of finance, we still have a long way to go. This is why we are excited to team up with the TerraChain team to help bring the advantage of STOs to a wider audience and introduce more players to the industry.”

TerraChain CEO and co-founder Dominic Niolu explained that teaming up with IX Swap will allow them to provide a more complete solution by streamlining listings for issuers and giving security token holders access to liquidity via a secondary trading venue while maintaining their vision for a level playing field as IX Swap is a decentralized exchange.

“Blockchain technology is making our world more transparent and democratizing access to all kinds of assets and services that have previously been too opaque or had prohibitively high barriers to entry for society-wide adoption. We believe that security tokens can do the same for private capital markets, where massive funds and exclusive investor networks that have unique access to lucrative investment opportunities and market data are a rule of thumb. By providing a way to make private markets more transparent and accessible, token issuers can reach a broader investor audience while receiving fairer terms and investors can make informed investment decisions while accessing lucrative investment opportunities.”

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