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Monthly Update: November 2023

General Interest

• Last week, more than five groups inquired about liquidity for secondary trading.

• Several prominent exchanges have reached out to us to discuss using our products to launch RWAs (STOs).


• Strategies are outlined for the next six months, with a focus on user acquisition, product expansion, and creating more utility for the token.

• During recent trips across Asia, we secured several partnerships, including one that involves the tokenization of Korean content; IP rights for Music, Movies, TV-Shows, and Royalties.

• Some of our current marketing efforts involve the Phillipines; We are hosting a tokenization event there, and are looking to list on a PH exchange in Q1.


• We are looking to list on multiple exchanges next year, aligning with targeted countries in our marketing efforts, including the Philippines and South Korea. The goal is to secure one exchange listing each quarter, with the ultimate aim of listing on a tier 1 exchange.

• The market maker on BTSE is now live.


• New listings are temporarily on hold until Q1. Moving forward, our strategy involves launching new deals every few weeks, and keeping them open to provide a diverse range of investment options for new platform users.

• In Q1 we will list list some of the Korean assets that we've gathered. One of them is a music IP deal, allowing you to invest in a k-pop artist and receive royalties. Two others are related to tokenized wine, and tokenized whiskey. We are also working with other platforms to launch korean IP assets for tv-shows and movies -- this will be a diversified portfolio, rather than just a single asset.

Funding round

• High quality investors have committed to our current funding round. There is still work to be done, but it's progressing well.

Get the full playback of our November AMA below: