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IX Swap Announces Resource Partnership with Cygnus Finance

We are excited to unveil our co-marketing resource partnership with two pioneering platforms, IX Swap and Cygnus Finance. This collaboration marks a significant step towards revolutionizing decentralized finance (DeFi) and empowering individuals worldwide with greater access to regulatory-compliant, interest-bearing stablecoins, and real-world asset (RWA) liquidity.

IX Swap is akin to the Uniswap of RWAs, offering a regulatory-compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM)-powered decentralized exchange (DEX). Through IX Swap, individuals holding RWA tokens gain the opportunity to initiate their own liquidity pools. What's more, IX Swap facilitates access to RWA tokens for investors, enabling them to participate in these pools for as little as $1. This democratization of access to RWAs paves the way for a more inclusive financial landscape.

Built on Base, Cygnus Finance emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of RWA stablecoin protocols, anchored by short-term U.S. Treasury bills. As the inaugural native interest-bearing stablecoin protocol on Base, Cygnus Finance introduces cgUSD, a stablecoin collateralized by U.S. Treasuries. What sets cgUSD apart is its unique rebase mechanism, allowing users to partake in the pure interest income generated from these Treasuries. Cygnus Finance is not just reshaping stablecoins; it's pioneering a new era of value accrual and distribution within the DeFi ecosystem.

By joining forces with IX Swap and Cygnus Finance, we're not merely forging partnerships; we're igniting a movement toward financial inclusivity and innovation. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to amplify awareness, accessibility, and adoption of IX Swap's RWA liquidity solutions and Cygnus Finance's interest-bearing cgUSD stablecoin. Together, we're laying the groundwork for a more equitable and sustainable decentralized financial ecosystem.

As we embark on this journey hand in hand with IX Swap and Cygnus Finance, our vision remains clear: to empower individuals worldwide with the tools and opportunities to participate meaningfully in decentralized finance. Through strategic partnerships, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication, we're not just shaping the future of finance; we're reshaping it for the betterment of all.

About Cygnus Finance

Cygnus Finance aims to build an anti inflation stablecoin ecosystem facing the real world, help 7B+ people fight against inflation and acquire digital assets denominated in USD, and finally build an Internet flatcoin ecosystem independent of the traditional banking system. It allows users to mint interest-bearing stablecoin cgUSD with multi-chain assets and lets users enjoy pure U.S. Treasury interest returns through the rebase mechanism. Cygnus Finance consistently supports a 1:1 redemption ratio of cgUSD to USDC.It ranks Top 15 on Base Chain with TVL $15m+.