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IX Swap Partners with First Digital

This collaboration aims to provide proper safekeeping, proper recording, and custody of assets with secure, accessible, and integrated financial services. This would include asset servicing, tracking, settling, and reconciling asset transactions.

Speaking about the partnership, Gunnar Jaerv, COO of First Digital Trust, said, “DeFi is witnessing immense growth in Asia, but because it’s a nascent space, it requires more regulated and compliant solutions for it to become more widely and confidently, adopted. We are looking forward to helping IX Swap ensure investors can confidently trade security tokens and bring greater liquidity into tokenized stock ecosystems.”

Lending his thoughts about the partnership with First Digital Trust, co-founder and General Counsel of IX Swap S. Alice Chen said, “We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with First Digital Trust as our licensed custodian. This collaboration will allow for the proper safekeeping, proper recording, and custody of assets with secure, accessible, and integrated financial services while bridging the gap between DeFi and CeFi to bring liquidity into the STO market and provide access to this untapped asset class.”

About First Digital

Based in Hong Kong, First Digital is Asia's leading technology-driven financial institution in the digital asset world. The company's specializations are custody, asset servicing, blockchain, digital assets, and many more.

First Digital brings traditional fiduciary services to the digital world through technology by developing infrastructure for financial services that allows the First Digital team and their users to create world-class financial products and services.

First Digital seeks a finance industry that is decentralized and decoupled from the risks attached to fractional reserve banking. A finance sector that is open and driven by a culture of innovation, automation and efficiency.

First Digital is the company behind Abacus's rapid settlement network and provides APIs, settlement and clearing, accounting, compliance, and open finance infrastructure for the industry.

For more information about First Digital, please visit