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IX Swap Partners with Nova Finance

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Nova Finance. With this collaboration, both teams will aim to bring tokenized asset solutions to a wider audience.

As the blockchain market matures, it is still important to work for the maximum number of people to access the revolution that digitized assets represent, from STO to NFT or crypto. It is in this mission to bring these assets and solutions closer to more people that Nova and IX Swap coincide and initiate a collaboration that will allow Nova users to access a new range of assets.

“This collaboration between Nova Finance and IX Swap will allow for continued adoption of the STO and f-NFT ecosystems,” Aaron Ong, co-founder of IX Swap, explained. “We are excited to be adding these new asset classes to the Nova Finance platform which will provide additional diversification benefits for their users.”

Adam Greenberg, the co-founder of Nova Finance, added that they are excited to form this partnership with IX Swap and support our innovation in forming new types of digital assets. According to Greenberg, with Nova’s Asset Management Protocol, users can create portfolios with a wide range of crypto-based assets.

“In building a high-value experience for our users, it is vital that we are able to provide a range of different asset classes beyond crypto,” Greenberg said. “IX Swap’s security token pools are not only great for enabling our users to truly diversify their investments but also for opening up opportunities on a global scale that may not have been accessible otherwise. This is why we are very excited about our collaboration with IX and driving the adoption of their technology."

About Nova Finance

Nova is a portfolio management platform that harnesses the power of programmable assets. Nova's mission is to provide a range of automated tools and strategies within DeFi through programmable assets, as well as giving users the opportunities to mitigate downsides and maximize returns, and giving advanced DeFi users a platform to capitalize on their experience.

Programmable nAssets allow you to implement instructions for a cryptocurrency to carry out actions like depositing, swapping or moving the asset. On top of that, they allow you to build and simplify fund management techniques like diversification, hedging and trend optimization. Simply put: yield is optimized, risks are reduced and portfolio management is less demanding.

That said, experienced users are incentivized to utilize Nova to create portfolios for less experienced investors that are designed for long-term growth, earning a share of the portfolio’s yield for their efforts.

For more information about Nova Finance, please visit