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Monthly Update: August 2021

The month of August was full of excitement, and the team has been tirelessly working and trying to bring the best for our community. The IX Swap team has met several milestones in the last month and will be set for our launch on the 8th of September 2021 at 21:00 SGT / 13:00 UTC.

IX Swap Mission Debrief

Announcement of Multi-Platform Launch for our TGE

The team at IX Swap was determined to bring the best for our community, and we want you to be part of the IX Swap family and partake in this journey as we revolutionize the world.

The IX Swap token will be launching on Kucoin, Occam, and Poolz! More details on the trading will be provided in the days to come. Stay tuned and follow us closely on our socials for updates!

Completion of the IX Swap Audit

The IX Swap team had passed its security audit with flying colours, beating the industry standards with a perfect score. The team continuously strives for excellence and will continue to deliver the same level of expertise as we build out the IX Swap platform.

Announcement of the IX Swap Staking Program

The IX Swap platform is bringing you our very own staking program. Token holders will be able to come to our platform to stake their IXS tokens and earn a fixed return on their holdings. Get your bags ready! Vaults will have limited space, so make sure you get in early and don’t miss out on these amazing returns!

Featured Company of the Week on

IX Swap was featured on the security token show as Company of the Week! We are honoured to have been chosen, and we expect to live up to the expectations as we move into the next stage of development of the IX Swap platform.

Platform Development

Our development team has been working hard and performing the necessary integrations needed to facilitate a safe and robust platform for our community and our users. We have completed the first phase of integration with our licensed custodians First Digital. STOs transferred onto our platform are stored safely within the vaults of our licensed custodial partners, so no need to worry!

The next phase of our development plan is the integration of the IX Swap platform with our first licensed broker-dealer, InvestaX. This connectivity to a licensed broker-dealer enables us to trade the STOs in a regulatory compliant manner.

A Sneak Preview Into our Liquidity Mining!

There has been a ton of news recently in the crypto space where regulators in different regions are starting to creep into the cryptosphere and coming after entities that have transacted tokens deemed securities. The IX Swap platform is purpose-built to handle these security tokens providing secondary market trading liquidity in a regulatory compliant manner.

We have lots of activity and development we will be sharing with you in the coming months, so please stay tuned and connected through our socials!

The IX Swap’s vision is for a tokenized world where all real assets will be available to everyone on the blockchain. The IX Swap Team would like to invite our community to participate in our upcoming launch. Join the IX Swap army and be part of the revolution.

Please use the links below to participate in our upcoming IDO/IEO: