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Monthly Update: February 2022

What a month it has been! February turned out to be one of our busiest as we inched closer and closer to our long-awaited mainnet launch and ramped up our efforts like never before. Here’s a quick debrief of what we were up to this month.

Updated Tokenomics

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally released IX Swap’s highly anticipated updated tokenomics! Get all the details you need to know about IX Swap’s native token IXS, including its objective, functionality, fee distribution, and allocation policy, and learn more about how its deflationary economics work.

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IXS Deposit and Withdrawal via Polygon Now Available on KuCoin

IXS deposit and withdrawal via the Polygon network is now available on KuCoin starting February 14, 2022. This means IXS token holders can now enjoy a quicker alternative of getting WIXS simply by transferring their IXS to their wallets using the Polygon network.

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New Staking Program Launched on Polygon

We are thrilled to launch this month our new bigger-than-ever staking program on Polygon, with four (4) new staking contracts, including a 2-year staking pool. The program launched last February 15, 2022 (14:00 UTC) and is accessible through the portal.

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Liquidity Mining on Polygon Extended

The ongoing liquidity mining program on the Polygon network has been extended for another three (3) months or until May 22, 2022. IXS token holders will be able to bridge their IXS tokens through AllianceBlock Bridge and provide liquidity on the Polygon network.

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Community AMAs

We’ve hosted three (3) community AMAs this month on Twitter Spaces to give our users more avenues to ask questions and learn about the security token industry, interact with the team and our partners, and share their thoughts and feedback.

If you missed any of our AMAs or want to listen to them again, they are recorded and available any time on the official IX Swap Twitter account. Here’s a quick run-through of the AMAs we had this month:

New Partnerships

Cynopsis Solutions

As IX Swap takes on the challenge of redefining the security token landscape, we are proud to collaborate with Cynopsis Solutions as our e-KYC partner.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, Cynopsis Solutions offers RegTech solutions designed to digitise and automate compliance and regulatory processes, including know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF).

By tapping Cynopsis’ cutting-edge Artemis E-KYC solution, IX Swap clients can count on fast, secure, and accurate KYC screening, risk assessment, record-keeping, and ongoing due diligence that use machine learning and AI to deliver reliable results in under 60 seconds.

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DECA4 Advisory

Deca4 is a global advisory and consultancy company focused on providing the best practices to help its clients in the implementation of new technologies, as well as other forms of financial and legal advice in advancing its clients’ businesses.

Our collaboration aims to leverage IX Swap’s infrastructure and Deca4’s extensive consultancy scope to bridge companies and their tokenized assets closer to investors while highlighting the significance of tokenization in helping businesses adapt to modern digital finance.

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February was the beginning of a new journey for five new moderators in our Telegram group, which is now supported 24/7. A few more giveaway winners were announced this month and we look forward to awarding more prizes in the coming months!