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Coach K AMA Recap

We’ve recently just announced the launch of Coach K’s GameFi Portfolio (CKGP). CKGP allows you to do more than just follow your favorite KOL, or in this instance Coach K. You can be an active stakeholder in their portfolios too. 

Removing the need to research thousands of GameFi projects out there, let Coach K’s expertise in crypto investing curate your portfolio. All you have to do is pass IX Swap’s simple 2-step KYC, and get your investments in before our public sale ends!

With our $1 minimum ticket investments, IX Swap lets your everyday investor take part in the RWA narrative, leveling the playing field for all investors.

Check out our recent AMA recap with Coach K, and get the latest on CKGP.

CKGP Concept:

CKGP is a basket of gaming-related tokens, including established projects like Illuvium, Wilder Worlds, Victoria VR, etc., and upcoming games like Godzilla and Summoners Arena.

IX Swap's Role:
Rise of RWA Tokens:
Accessibility and Liquidity:
Investment Process:
Future Outlook:

In summary, the AMA provided valuable insights into CKGP, showcasing its potential to disrupt the RWA market and democratize investments for a broader audience. With a focus on GameFi and user accessibility, CKGP presents an exciting opportunity for investors looking to explore the burgeoning world of crypto assets.

Get the full recap of the AMA below:

Public sale is still open, start investing for CKGP here. Need help? Check out our OTP guide.